How Do You Find The Best Solutions to Challenges?

Over the past few years, I’ve been searching for a solution to something I have been working on for my DQs’ as well as a client.

We’ve tried several different strategies and we’ve gotten OK results, but not what we know is possible.

The other night my wife and I were eating dinner with friends who happen to be in the restaurant and marketing business. We were discussing business as business owners are wont to do.

While talking about a totally unrelated issue, my friend mentioned something they’re doing in their restaurant. I asked how they were doing that, and he casually outlined the perfect system I had been looking for the past few years!

He has a proven system that has worked well for him, and I see it working well for me and my client.

Here’s the sweet spot; we have everything we need to get it implemented. No new tools needed, nothing new and challenging to master, just using tools we already have in a different way.

What happened?

First, I was working on an issue in the back of my mind, so I have been aware of it for a long time. I’ve tried different things along the way that haven’t quite worked like we wanted.

Second, I was paying attention during the conversation with my friend. What I was looking for wasn’t anything exciting to my friend because he has been doing this for years. A brilliant solution for something that was missing for me was “business as usual” for my friend.

How about you?

How many strategies and tactics are you using that others in your industry would like to know?

How many strategies and tactics are they using that would solve issues for you?

How many people in other industries are taking actions that would help you, but you’re not looking there for a solution?

In other words, are you paying attention everywhere to what is happening around you and how you can adopt good ideas from other businesses into your own?

There are ideas everywhere, what can you take and implement for your business?

The key to success isn’t having the idea or hearing one, it’s implementing that idea.

A coach told me a few years ago. “There are no million-dollar ideas, just million-dollar execution.” Until you act, nothing happens.

One of the fastest ways to generate ideas is to get together with other businesspeople, talk and see where the conversation goes.

Our dinner lasted 3 hours. A long, leisurely supper that gave me a million-dollar idea. The next morning, I had conversations and made phone calls. We are currently in the midst of getting that great idea into action.

What could a leisurely supper bring you?

Keep your eyes and ears open and who knows where your business will go!


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