How Do You Keep Up?

Blog Post 11.14.17

I don’t know about you, but every year it feels like I’m running faster and faster trying to keep up.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in an industry that changes rapidly (i.e. Facebook marketing), or if society is really moving faster.

Either way, everything is changing faster than it ever has.

When I talk with my clients, their lives and business are changing faster and faster.

At conferences with other business people, their businesses are changing and if they aren’t changing with them, they are struggling to grow.

Much of this is happening because the consumer is changing around us. They like new ways to communicate that they now have access to.

They don’t want to go back to using only the old tools.

The smartphone in their pocket or purse isn’t going away, nor is their access to the internet.

So how do you keep up with everything that’s changing around you?

I was looking at what I use to keep up with changes in my world and thought this might help you.

  1. Blogs: I have always read many different types of blogs. Over the years the blogs I read has changed, but I find that getting different perspectives on the topics I’m interested in keeps me up to date. It also helps me with writing my own blog which can be read here:
  2. Podcasts/Audio: There are 1,000’s of podcasts available. I started adding podcasts to my education a few years back. There are a couple podcasts I listen to every week and others just occasionally. They cover every topic you can imagine. The majority of the time I listen to podcasts in my car, which helps me get some learning done while I’m traveling.

    I also listen to audiobooks in my car. I just started this in the past few months. I was on a long trip and there was a book I wanted to read but hadn’t had time, so I subscribed to Audible and listened on the trip. I finished the entire book on one trip!

  3. Paid Courses: I have purchased many courses teaching me how to do everything from: creating videos, writing ads, how Facebook works, and many others. I have never purchased a course that didn’t give me more than I invested, as long I as completed the course and implemented what I learned. I purchase new courses every year and find great value in them.
  4. Live Events: This is where you really get to connect with what’s happening right now. There are two ways to get value from live events.

    First is from the presenters and exhibitors that are at the event. Many times, you’ll get to meet people from companies you work with whom you can’t reach at any other time. Also, you’ll find people more open to sharing what they’re doing now and how well it’s working. You’ll also be able to ask questions about what you’re trying to do. It’s a great way to learn and connect with experts in your industry.

    The second way to get value from live events is the other attendees. You’re meeting with people who are the best in the industry. They’ve taken time away from their businesses to come and learn, and they’ve spent money doing so. This shows that they’re serious. I find that I learn as much on breaks, at lunch or supper, and in the bar at the end of the day that I learn from the presenters and exhibitors.

These are some of the ways I keep up with what’s happening in the fast-changing Facebook Marketing world.

How do you keep up with changes in your industry?

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