How Do You Stack Up?

My wife, my oldest daughter Sydney,  my Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law, and I traveled from our home to Bar Harbor Maine recently.

We traveled with our camper and stayed in various RV parks each night.

The range of prices and facilities for campgrounds varies, and what’s interesting is that the price doesn’t always indicate the quality of what you get.

On this trip, the KOA campgrounds we stayed at had the best service and facilities by far, and since it is a franchise, they are consistent.

Many of the private campgrounds we stayed at tried to match some of the services of the KOA’s, but none matched all of them. Only one came close and it was a former KOA.

I wonder how many of the private campground owners know what it takes to be great? What facilities and services it takes? And are they willing to provide it, or are they going to wimp out and get by?

Now it all depends on who your target market is. If you’re targeting the people who are looking for the cheapest option, you can’t provide top quality service and facilities. And as long as you’re aware of that all is good.

But how many of them think that they’re providing great service and facilities, but are lacking?

The way to find out what the competition offers is to visit one and stay there. For $40 you can experience what they offer.

How many of the owners bother to do that?

Do you bother to do that in your own industry?

Do you know who the industry leader is in your industry?

Many times it’s a franchise. Independent business owners sometimes downplay franchises, but your customers are comparing you to them. They are the competition in your customers’ minds.

Have you studied the industry leaders and do you know what they offer and why they’re the industry leader?

And most importantly have you decided where you want to be and have you taken action to get there?

If you’re where you want to be already, congratulations!

If you evaluate your business and you find yourself falling short, make a plan and get started implementing it.

You can get what you want, but it may take some changes to make it happen.

Brian “making changes” Hahn

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