How Do Your Customers Feel After They Do Business With You?

How Do Your Customers Feel After They Do Business With You?

Have you ever considered how your customers FEEL after they do business with you?

In my earlier article I talked about the first step it takes to move someone from “I’ve never heard of you” to “here’s my credit card, please take my money”. 

I talked about articulating what people HAVE after they do business with you. If you missed that article click here.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can move past the majority of your competition by focusing on the FEELing aspect.

Most people stop telling others what it’s like to do business with them at the HAVE level, and this works as there are many successful businesses that do this. But if you want to move past others you need to go deeper and communicate better than the others are doing. 

The next level after Have is FEEL. I’m referencing my earlier article outlining all five levels of developing a message that moves people to action. If you missed it you can read it by clicking here. 

We were using our Advanced Done With You Facebook Coaching Program as an example in our last article to demonstrate what our customers have, so let’s continue to use that example. 

When I’m talking to business owners about this coaching program many of the people I’m talking to have tried Facebook ads and didn’t have any success. In fact, they may not have had much success using digital marketing and they’re frustrated. 

They hear the success stories that others are having, and they want that kind of success themselves. But the unfortunate fact is, it eludes them. 

They’ve developed digital assets and they’ve tried at some level to send traffic to it with little or no results. Some have even hired companies to set this up for them and they haven’t gotten results. 

Learning digital marketing is a skill and it takes more than the knowledge of how to put everything together and make it work. Remember, it’s the message you use that moves people to action. 

Usually, they are frustrated and not sure what to do next. They’re desperate to figure out what it takes to succeed. And sometimes, they’re not even sure they’ve got what it takes. But they CRAVE success and they’re willing to do whatever they need to in order to make it happen.

Once someone works with us they have their Facebook marketing Program set up and running and it’s working. 

They’re feeling satisfied that they have something that so many others don’t have and that they’re making money with it. Plus they have the real satisfaction and confidence of knowing that they can change and replicate the program at will on their own. They have moved from being an advertising victim to being an advertising victor. 

They’re in charge of their own destiny and any time they want more sales they can turn the program up, and if they’re too busy they can turn the program down. (And by the way, yes it does happen that at times we have clients who turn their program down. They are getting more customers than they can handle and their results are suffering. However, once they catch up or put new Programs in place they resume their growth.)

When I move the conversation to this level I always make more sales. After all who doesn’t want to be in charge of their own destiny?

How are you communicating to your prospects how they’ll FEEL when they buy your products and services? How can you add the level of feeling to your message? 

Have a great day! 


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