How Is Your Business Doing?

How Is Your Business Doing?

Yes, I am asking whether your business met its goals this year? Since we’re almost at the end, how did you do?

Now there are many kinds of goals. There are the sales goals, then profit goals, plus many others and these are all important goals.

But what about your marketing?

Do you have goals for that? What activities do you measure that lead to more sales?

Here is a tool we use for some clients to evaluate the performance of their marketing systems.

It’s our Growth Audit Tool.

What you do is rate your company on how well you do each of these on a scale of 1-5.

Here is a short description of each of the areas we measure.


What do you do as a company to make new people aware of what you do and how you serve people? This can be anything from advertising, both online and off, to public relations to word of mouth.

How well does your company generate awareness?


Once people have found you how well do you engage them? Can people find out more about you and your company without having to give any information to you?

Are there blog posts to read, videos to watch, Social Media posts to interact with, podcasts to listen to…

You don’t have to do all of these, but you do have to give your audience something so they can get to know you.

Lead Generation:

How well do you collect information from potential new customers and share with them something of value in exchange for their contact information?

Not everyone is ready to buy from you right now. What systems do you have in place to gather information?

Conversion Optimization:

How well do you convert the people who give you information into customers? Once they’ve shared their information with you how soon before they become customers?

The Ah-Ha:

What system do you have in place that helps people “get” what you do and how your service helps them?

Every business has a point where your customers and clients “get” what you do. What’s yours and how well do you communicate it?

Ascension, expansion, and Retention (Average Customer Value):

How many people stay around and buy multiple times and more items? In other words, what is your average customer value over a month, year, and lifetime?

Reviews and Testimonials:

How many reviews and testimonials do you have? How many do you get each week or month?

Yes, you do a great job but unless you have a system to gather testimonials and reviews, you’re not going to get many.

How do you do it?

Generating Referrals:

How many referrals do you get? What system do you have in place to make sure they keep coming?

And then we circle back around to Awareness.

Final Thoughts:

As you can see there are lots of parts to a complete marketing system.

The exciting thing is once you know this and what they are, you can start measuring them and then taking action to move the numbers to where you want them.

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Have a great day!


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