How Often Do You Leave A Friend?

Most of us think twice before we leave a friend.

We may fall away and not connect as often, but outright leaving a friend is rare. We more often fade away.

How do your customers feel about you?

Are you a friend and resource your customers and clients feel connected to or are you just another business they pay money to?

And more importantly, how can Facebook help you be a better friend?

After all, those you stay connected with and interact with are ones that you rarely leave.

Facebook is a powerful tool for helping you stay connected to your customers and bringing them back to you.

The challenge is that many times you yourself may not feel the same connection as your customers do if you’re not the one managing Facebook.

That doesn’t make the connection any less valuable to your customers, but you need to be aware of this possibility.

I remember the first time someone approached me at a live event and they knew me and acted like we were old friends and I didn’t know who they were.

After we talked a bit they mentioned they had watched several videos I had created and had enjoyed them.

Stay Connected To Your Customers

How do you stay connected to your customers and not the entire population on Facebook, all 2.2 billion people?

It all starts with creating a custom audience. This is your customer list uploaded to Facebook. For the best match rate, it should include their first and last names, their email address, and their zip code. While you can upload more information, we have found these to be the critical information that Facebook needs to match your customers with their Facebook profile.

Once this information is uploaded I would create one or more posts a week targeted at this audience.

There are two issues you need to consider.

  1. Is the topic of interest to your audience
  2. Will they become invested in what you’re talking about?

If they’re not interested they won’t listen at all and feel you’re wasting their time.

If they don’t become invested in your topic they won’t be moved to do anything.

Remember these are your customers and they know you, and they want to know you.

This means showing who you really are, not a polished and produced version of you.

On Facebook, we’ve found authenticity to be one of the most important characteristics of successful ads and posts.

Once you’ve created the post you need to boost the post to your audience.

Yes, you can choose just this audience to boost your post too and it is inexpensive. You can have a budget as low as a dollar a day.

You should spend one dollar per day for every 1000 people in your audience.

If you’re posting once a week run the ad for 7 days.

Why does this work?

How many of you have been members of a BNI networking group?

For those who haven’t a BNI group meets every week and you’re only allowed a few absences a year, and most groups are strict about this.

The reason is that the people who are successful are there most weeks.

What I’ve found to happen is that the weekly connection lets you get to know each other and over time you trust the others and then you start to do business with them – even if when you joined you had little interest in their business.

However, the weekly connection makes doing business together seem the most obvious thing to do.

You’re creating a similar connection with your audience using this strategy, especially if you chose to use video to create your posts.

And every time your audience needs something they will think of you.

All of this will keep your audience coming back more often and most importantly, for longer.

How many of you have customers for years or decades?

With this strategy and your excellent products and services and your great customer service, you’re going to find customers staying longer and returning more often.

Have a great day!


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