How to Boost a Post and Get Results

In my last article, I talked about “boosting” your Facebook posts to test a message or audience quickly and on a small budget. Click here if you missed it.

And in response to that article I got the question: so how do I boost a Facebook post?

I’ve been in the Facebook world for so long, I often forget that what I take for granted others don’t know.

First, the myth still hangs on and people will tell me, I’ve heard so-and-so say that you should never boost a post.

I’ve said that too, in the past.

Facebook has made changes over the past few years that make boosting a post worthwhile.

Then someone will ask me why they should use the ads manager for more complicated campaigns. Doesn’t boosting posts work just as well?

And the answer to that is no.

Boosting posts isn’t as powerful as using the ads manager to create ads.

Boosting posts is great for low budget options when you need to get something done fast.

But many of the objectives that are used for the more complex campaigns aren’t available when you’re boosting posts. Thinks like conversions or link clicks or landing page views all of which we use for many campaigns.

A quick rule of thumb. If you’re spending less than $20 a day and you want engagement on your post or video views boosting is great. Anything else and you’ll want to use a different tactic to get you better results.

How to boost a post properly:

Have a great day!

Brian Hahn