How to Enter a New Market

This is something I’ve been working on in my business and thought it might help my readers as well. 

If you’ve thought about entering a new market with your products or services, how do you do it efficiently? 

The challenge is this:  In the market where you’re currently doing business, you’re known at least to a degree. You have some trust and the market knows you and what to expect. In a new market, however, you’re a stranger. 

As a stranger it’s going to take more time and work to see results. 

Are you ok with more time and more work? YES, Let’s go! 

First, you need to have at least some A.C.E. to sell effectively 

That is 

  • A-Authority
  • C-Credibility
  • E-Expertise 

There are various ways to develop this on your own, or you can borrow if from others. 

You can publish a book, host a podcast, publish content in industry magazines or work with an expert in the market you’re moving into. 

All of these increase your A.C.E. 

Next, invest some time up front 

Before you ask for anything, invest some time and effort into helping the market.  (This is step 3 of my success system for Facebook. You can click here to read the article) 

How, You Ask? You do this by finding where your market is hanging out at, spending time answering their questions and offering solutions to their issues. There are places online that your target market is hanging out and many times, you’re going to find the people you’re looking for in Facebook groups, or possibly on LinkedIn. 

After some time (a few weeks or so) you can start approaching people and offering more in-depth help. 

Third Step 

Attend industry events in person. 

All markets have some kind of industry events and when you want to find out what’s currently happening in the industry, live events are where it’s at. 

Attending live events gives you many opportunities to make connections with other attendees. Talking in the aisles and going out for meals with them are great ways to find out about the issues they are having and how you can help them. 

Talk about what you do and see how they respond. If you’re not getting any interest in person, you’re going to have a challenging time generating interest online as well. 


Run Facebook ads targeting your new market with an offer that helps them solve a problem. 

Get people opting in and giving you their contact information so you can follow-up with them. 

It takes time to develop a presence in a new market and while there are ways to speed up the results, it will still take time and effort to make it happen. 


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