How to Have More Fun & Get More Done

Doesn’t this sound great? No matter what our position is in our business this is always good.

After all who wouldn’t like to have more fun? And certainly, most of us wish we could get more done!

What does it take to have more fun?

The first step I’m going to suggest is checking your attitude.

And if you happen to be the manager or the owner, your attitude is going to have more of an impact on your team then you may realize.

Everything you say and do has an effect on your team.

Do you consider this when you greet them?

What about when you ask them to take on a new task?

What about when you and the team run into a challenge, which we all have, do you consider it then?

How about when you leave for the day?

Everyone is watching what you do when you’re the leader.

You may not have realized it when you signed on, but it’s part of the job.

How do you maintain the best energy and attitude so your team can succeed?

The first step is taking care of yourself.

That’s right.

When you are energized and enthused it’s easy to be positive and encouraging. Then when challenges arise they are easily overcome.

But show up feeling tired and stressed and a molehill will soon become a mountain.

Here are some suggestions I find helpful to ensure I keep my energy up and my attitude positive.

  1. Get plenty of sleep. Don’t feel bad about it, you’re helping your company by being rested.
  2. Eat well. When your body doesn’t have energy you can’t pass it on.
  3. You’ll feel better and after a bit you might even like it.
  4. Start your day with a routine that energizes you. I start mine with mediation, affirmations, visualization, journaling and exercise. Mine has evolved over time and yours will too. This helps me be in the best possible frame of mind.
  5. Before you walk in the door or pick up the phone take a minute to be thankful for the person you’re going to be talking to. You will be ready to talk and be looking forward to it and it will come across in everything you say and do.

None of this costs anything or takes much time. You can get it done in short order.

While you may feel guilty that you’re not working hard enough or hustling, I think you’ll find that when you get to work you’ll be much more productive. Plus, your team will like working with you and they’ll get more done too because of it.

There are days I have to remind myself of this too. My training runs for my next marathon are helping me in my business. Many times when I was first starting my longer runs, I consciously had to think that it’s ok not to be working right now.

You’ll find as you develop your plan and feel more energized, you’ll resist going back to the old way.

A well-run company does not feel like it’s barely getting by, and everything is an effort, on the contrary, it’s a high performing environment where everyone is energized and having a good time.

And remember it all starts with you. Everything you do and say affects the environment.

Have a good day!

Brian “Developing My Routine” Hahn

P.S. A high performing business is about much more than just sales. It is the atmosphere you’re working in as well as the team working together. Put some thought into how you can make adjustments to your daily routine that might affect your business.