How to Improve Your Sales Results from Inquiries

Have you ever wondered why some people you meet are a natural fit for anything you talk about with them or offer them?

And others, no matter what, you do you can’t seem to move your relationship forward?

Why is that?

There are many possible reasons, but I want to bring up one you may not have thought about.

It all depends on how someone found you and their experience so far.

Let’s face it someone who was referred to your business by a happy customer is ready to move forward faster than someone who sees a Facebook ad and requests some information or someone who finds you from a Google search.

If you talk to all these people in the same way you’re going to find that your results suffer.

After all, a relationship online moves forward like a relationship offline does and how far and fast a relationship moves depends on where you meet and your history together.

It really means you need to meet people where they are.

If someone finds you from a Google Search you have one plan to move them along to becoming a customer or patient. If someone sees a Facebook or Instagram ad and then reaches out to you that’s another plan.

And for a warm referral that’s another plan.

Let’s look at what this looks like.

For the Google search person, you might want to offer them information on what you do and how to do business with you and follow that up with some success stories and testimonials. After all, you know this person is shopping for your product or service.

For the Facebook ad person, you may need to share more information about your business. They weren’t actively shopping for your products or service but they have an interest. Start with more information and then move to how to do business with you and the success stories and testimonials.

And for the warm referral, a short conversation and the benefits of what you do, and they may be ready to move forward.

When you adjust your message to meet your customers where they are, you’re going to see your results improve.

Take a few minutes to analyze how you’re following up with people who reach out to you and what adjustments you can make to improve your results from inquiries.

Brian Hahn

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