How to Know What to Sell on Facebook…

I know you want to sell your product or service with your Facebook ads.

The challenge is that most strangers don’t want to buy them, at least not right away.

Think about what you do in person. Do you walk up to someone and introduce yourself and then ask them to buy something from you? Probably not – especially if what you sell is a larger commitment of time or money.

How I see it is, it’s like you’re crossing a stream on stepping stones and it’s easy to get across, but if there is a gap where you have to jump instead of just step across, you’re going to have people stopping or falling off.

When you ask people to do too much that is what you’re doing, putting a big step or a jump in front of them.

So, if you can’t go straight to the sale, what do you offer?

That depends on the steps you’re taking people through on their journey to being your customer.

If you want them to show up in your store or office you offer them one thing.

If you want to talk to them on the phone or a Zoom call then you offer something else

And if you want them to watch a video or go to your website you offer them another.

The key is you don’t ask them to take too big of a step.

Going from a Facebook ad to a phone call is a big step for most people, as is visiting your office, however going to a retail store isn’t as intimidating for most people.

Knowing what you want someone to do before you start creating your offer is your first step.

Some offers that have been successful for clients, friends and for us are:

  • A small purchase. (Less than $50)
  • Free plus shipping offer for a book.
  • A product or service that compliments your core offer
  • A webinar
  • A free call (To get valuable information, for them)
  • A video that teaches them something
  • Free Consumers Report
  • A Checklist
  • A list of tools to use to be successful at _______________
  • A free gift when you visit
  • A coupon or discount code
  • Free shipping
  • Discount on their first purchase.
  • And many more

As you can see there are many to chose from, the key is testing to see which works best and you can have several offers running at the same time if they are all getting leads at less than what you want.

See my article on money math. Click here if you missed it.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Everything you offer should be valuable on its own. You want the people who receive it to be happy to have it and they can’t believe how good of a deal it is.
  2. It should complement the next product or service you want to offer.

And once you have someone’s information you should have a nurturing system in place to move them along.

This could involve email, direct mail, phone calls, texting, Facebook messaging, or any one of many other ways to reach people.

And it has to happen for everyone.

If you skip the follow-up step you’ll be losing the large majority of your sales.

After all, most people don’t buy until after at least 8 touches.

I go into this in more depth in my free Masterclass. You can sign up here.

Happy Selling – Have a Great Day!

Brian Hahn

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