How To Know Which Way to Go

Something I’ve been struggling with for a few weeks now seems to be something others are struggling with too.

In fact…

I just finished a call with a new client who is struggling with this.

I just heard from an old friend who is struggling with this who has owned a successful business for over 10 years.

And I had lunch with another friend who is having similar issues.

So what is the struggle we are all challenged with?

Answer: What direction do we take our businesses?

All of us have successful businesses, and we’re looking to get to the next level.

Now for some of us that means growing, for others it means making changes so our business fits our lifestyle goals.

Yes, you can design a business that fits you and your goals. After all, if you hate what you have to do to be successful you’re not going to have a happy life.

My issue is what direction do I take my business? I’m looking to grow, and I have two different opportunities. Both have the potential to be big categories, but I don’t have the capability to grow both at the same time.

So, what do I do?

I was asking this question in one of my mastermind groups. They helped by asking me questions and looking at the pluses and minuses of both options. And when we were done, they looked about equal.

Now what?

The one question that I was asked was which do I want to do?

As I analyzed it I couldn’t see much difference.

Then someone asked which one feels better to you? Which one excites you and gives you energy?

That only took a short time to realize and then a couple of days to see if I was serious.

Option A won hands down.

Now I can’t tell you why with details yet. Give me a little time and my brain will come up with logical reasons why this is the best choice.

Isn’t that how we all buy? Chose with our hearts and then look for reasons.

I bought a Corvette several years ago using that logic. After all, a Corvette got much better gas mileage than the truck I was driving.

The difference here is I used my feelings to make a choice between two good options for my business. I had never considered doing that before.

I’ll let you know over the next few months how it’s going.

I’m going to encourage you to use your feelings to guide your business decisions too.

Who knows where it will lead you!

Brian “Feeling My Way” Hahn”

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