How To Make Better Decisions 

Do you know what effects all of us even though we don’t realize it?

Our mindset – how we’re thinking when we’re living in our lives.

You know that constant chatter in the background that never stops in your mind.

Is what it’s saying helping you or hurting you?

Whenever you’re low in energy or stressed or down in some way the decisions you make are never as good as when everything is going well for you, or at the very least you’re relaxed and confident.

When I was younger, I felt that I had no control over my mindset. After all I was reacting to what was happening around me how could I do anything different.

As I worked with various mentors who didn’t have these issues I slowly realized that I could control my mindset and I didn’t have to react to the situation around me. I could actually control how I was thinking.

It took years of practice and there are still good and bad days, but at least I have more good days than bad ones now.

I feel strongly about this topic and I had someone ask me about it recently so I created a video talking about why controlling your mindset is important and some ideas for having a positive mindset that will help you move towards your goals.

Check it out by clicking here:

Brian “Living a Positive Mindset” Hahn

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