How’d I Get So Successful?

how'd I get so successful?

What makes an entrepreneur successful?

  • Hard work?
  • Tenacity?
  • Creativity?
  • A sweet logo?
  • Strong coffee?

Unfortunately, there is no exact formula to entrepreneurial success (but all of the above sure do help).

I recently connected with Erica Delsignore on her Great Minds, Great Marketing podcast to share my story of how I got where I am – and of course, where I’m going. My road to success wasn’t always easy, and I definitely had some challenges and heartbreak along the way, but I love sharing my journey with people in the same boat.

Whether you’re just starting out, have built an empire, or fall somewhere in between I think you’ll find the information I share to be both entertaining (I hope) and helpful. From books to read to the biggest challenge I faced, but didn’t overcome, this podcast covers intimate details of my entrepreneurial journey – and it’s absolutely free!

great minds podcast

Click HERE to check it out. In less than a lunch hour, you can soak up all kinds of good stuff.

Have a great week!