I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

I just finished an all-day Mastermind meeting and was reflecting on the feedback I’d gotten as well as what I learned from others in the group as their questions were answered.

And I was thinking, I wonder what I did before I had this opportunity?

With this group, I can bring challenges and questions to people who know about my business and are skilled in each their own way and get guidance from them.

This enables me to implement faster and sometimes it stops me from making mistakes that can cost me 10s of thousands of dollars, all because my friends are willing to share their experience.

In addition, outside the meeting, I have others I can call on with questions in different areas.

When I need a second opinion on tax question, there’s Bill.

When I have a sales question, Matt is a reliable resource.

When I have a real estate investing question, Jessie is available.

And many more… (so those who aren’t listed don’t be offended!)

Who do you have supporting you?

No one succeeds by themselves.

We all need others to support and guide us.

As was pointed out to me as I was asking a marketing question, don’t others pay you to help with these questions? Yes, they do, but it’s easier to work on someone else’s business.

We’re all too close to our own to be able to judge accurately.

It took me years to realize that, with age does come some wisdom.

It takes a bit of time to find friends and business associates you trust and respect enough to listen to.

It’s worth the effort.

You’ll see changes in your business after a few meetings.

And have more fun too.

Have a great day!

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