I Had Never Thought of it That Way…

In the past when I heard the term automation I thought that an action was done by software or a machine.

But I was talking to Darcy Juarez from Magnetic Marketing and she asked me, “as long as you don’t have to do it yourself why does it have to be software or a machine?”

In other words, if I’m not doing it myself marketing automation can be having someone else do a task or taking an action for me.

That comment opened lots of possibilities for me.

Now the next question was how could I notify people of what needed to be done and not be involved in the process myself?

After all, if I have to assign the task or be involved then it’s not automated anymore.

What I discovered was that my CRM Keap can assign a task to one of my team members or even to an outside company.

How does it do that?

Well, in a campaign I can say once this is done assign a task to Renee and she gets a notification to complete the task. Then once it’s done I get a status update of what she did.

Or if I have an outside company doing work for me, I can have a campaign trigger an email to go to a set address at the time I want and that company does what I’ve asked them to do.

Now, what kind of tasks are these?

Well, I can have someone send out my book when someone orders one or I can have physical letters or postcards sent out automatically.

Think about what other possibilities there are for your business.

And all of this can happen on autopilot.

It does take some time to get this set up but not much and you’re building a system that will serve you and your company for years.

If you are wondering what companies can mail books and letters for you reach out to me and I’ll give you recommendations of companies I’ve worked with.

Now take this idea and implement it.

Remember you won’t see results unless you take action.

Have a great day!


P.S. If you’d like help with getting a system like this implemented in your business, schedule a call with me at www.gosocialexperts.com/callbrian30. We’ll talk about what you need and then if you’re interested we’ll develop a plan to get this built-in your business.