I Love It When This Happens

This past week has been filled with good things happening.

Recently my newest book was finished and I received two boxes of books at my house.

Now it’s finally real.

Even though I had spent months putting this book together and have edited and rewritten and done it again several times, gone through the challenge of coming up with a title and designing the cover, it didn’t seem real until the printed book showed up and I could hold it in my hands.


Then we took the book to a trade show. We had more conversations at our booth than we have had at any previous event. And people left their information so we could follow up with them.

Another win!

And then when we got home, I had a pleasant surprise.

One of the show attendees posted this on Facebook:

And a few minutes later people were requesting my book.

This was an organic post, no paid ads at all.

By that evening 37 people had requested my new book from this post.

Win #3!

How can you use this?

First, you don’t have to have a book to use this.

All you need is good information that your audience wants and they’re willing to share their contact information with you for your information.

Check out my Free masterclass where I go into detail about this. You can register at www.gosocialexperts.com/masterclass.

You’ll notice I didn’t have anything to do with this post. An attendee who I talked to at the event posted this to his audience, and then when others reacted and commented, Facebook started showing this to more people. Very few if any of my connections saw this post.

How can you reach people and have them talk about you in a positive way?

The more you make connections the more action you’ll see from your Facebook efforts.

If you would like a copy of my book you can get a free copy at thefacebookformulabook.com or it’s available on Amazon for $17.95 click here for Amazon. It would be great if you would leave me a review on Amazon, no matter where you get the book from. I would appreciate it!

Have a great day!

Brian “Happy with My New Book” Hahn