I was so excited I had to pinch myself 

That’s the message I received from one of my clients, Bob and Deb Grinde from Grinde’s Garden Center. You see they had started to work on Facebook and wanted to do everything themselves. But their efforts were scattered and they hadn’t seen any results.

They were getting close to their busy season (they do 90% of their business in 3 months) and they finally came to the conclusion that trying to figure out how to market on Facebook (and keep up with it) was keeping them from providing the great service to their customers that they were known for.

After working with me and getting specific instructions on how to attract their target market, they started posting information that others found interesting and their audience on Facebook grew rapidly. People responded to their content by liking the post, sharing it with their friends, and most importantly – coming to their business more often.

What did they do to make this happen? 

  • First, they spruced up their Facebook page, organized it and made it look good
  • Next, they committed to posting consistently. They posted a quote related to their product every morning, with bonus posts later in the day. (I helped them streamline and automate this.) This helped them get new customers as well as reactivate customers who hadn’t visited their shop for quite a while.
  • They systematically posted content with special offers that brought customers to their shop. Their sales increased.
  • And finally, they continued to promote posts at key times for their business.

What was the result of these efforts? 

“It was our best year ever!” exclaimed Bob in his laid back style. 

To accomplish all of the above easier and faster they used some of the tools we recommend: 

  • The Facebook Scheduling tool. Built into Facebook and free to use
  • They chose Stencil, a chrome plug, in that provides powerful tools for editing photos and putting quotes on them easily and effortlessly. This gave them great posts that their audience enjoyed and responded to.

This is what happened to Bob and Deb the first year we worked together. Then they took the winter off and the next spring we worked together again.

So what happens the second and third year you use Facebook to promote your business?

People are used to seeing you on Facebook especially in the season that they are thinking about working in their yards.

And they come to you for their seeds, plants and hanging baskets.

In fact more and more come every year.

Each year we’ve helped Bob and Deb promote their business their business has increased.

Each year at the end of the season it’s been the ‘best year’ ever.

Again they have a local business and their targeting is easy.

They are known in the area for their quality products and great service and their business has continued to thrive with Facebook helping keep them in front of their customers.

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Have a great day!