If You Make An Offer Will Your Prospect Say Yes

Interesting question, don’t you think?

What’s the answer when you make an offer? How many yes vs. no?

The number of yes vs. no comes down to a couple of things.

#1 – How good is your offer

#2 – How much of a commitment is your prospect ready for?

Now we can make number one better by offering a better price or better terms or more services or . . .

There are many things we can do.

But what about #2. Have you thought about that?

The level of commitment your prospect has comes down to how much A-Authority, C-Celebrity, E-Expertise do you have in this prospect’s mind?

When you have a high level of A.C.E, you can offer your top level of services, and it may be many thousands of dollars, and the prospect will say yes.

When you have a low level of A.C.E., you’ll find that even giving something away for free can be a challenge.

The key is knowing when to make each offer.

Types of offers you may have.

  • Free material you give away to get people’s contact information
  • Free plus shipping book offer
  • Low dollar products and services you use to let someone experience your company
  • Training programs at various levels.
  • Complete done for you programs.

The prospect’s commitment to making the investment of money and time increases at each level.

We can help people best with the Done With You Coaching program or the Complete Done for you program; however, not everyone is ready right now for that level of commitment.

Therefore we offer the lower commitment items and nurture these people until they are ready for the larger commitment.

What that nurture looks like is up to you.

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Have a great day!

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