In a COVID-19 Business Slump?

Recently I was talking to a client whose business has been affected by the shutdown. The past couple of times I had talked with them they were adjusting to the new reality and making changes and progress.

This time they commented that it’s been different and that the pace is slower. And frankly, they weren’t sure what to do.

They’ve been taking care of the basics but had forgotten much of what we’d talked about doing the last time we’d talked.

This can happen to all of us. We get into a day after day routine and each day feels like the last one and we get into a slump.

What about you?

Are you reaching out regularly? Are you making plans to reopen?

If all continues to go well reopening may only be a couple of weeks away.

Are you doing activities that lead to sales?

Have you put together and implemented a sale of gift cards or services you can deliver later?

Or are you just waiting?

I talked about this subject and what you can do on my Facebook page in this live video.


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Have a great day.


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