Increase Your Odds of Success Part 2

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If you want to attract and connect with different people without spending large amounts of money, then this will be the most important article you read all year.

It’s possible to throw money at a marketing problem and increase your response. However, the question is, are you profiting from the response, or do the increased numbers just make you feel good?

I was talking to one of my clients, Steve, a few weeks ago, and he mentioned that he had increased his spending on Google ad words to $250 a day. Although the traffic to this website exploded, he didn’t sell any more than he had without spending the extra money. The numbers on the traffic graph that Google displayed just made him feel good. He laughed as he commented that he soon came to his senses as the charges from Google kept climbing and his sales stayed flat.

We want to keep this from happening to you, either with Google or Facebook.

Last week, I talked about using an ad grid to plan your Facebook campaign. Click here to read that article if you missed it, and Click here for a link to download the ad-grid tool that we use for ourselves and our clients.

I told you last week I would go into a little more detail about using the tool this week.

Let’s start with the avatar: What is it, and how do we go about developing one, let alone five?

An avatar is a description of your ideal customer or client—the person you really want to talk to. Usually when you’re creating your avatar, you are creating one specific person. It’s even better if you name the person and have a picture of that person. You can search for pictures on google and find one that seemingly matches who you’re targeting.

In this process, you are looking for as many different people as possible who might be interested in your offering. These might be different than an avatar you have for your company as a whole.

Let’s look at one of my offers. 11 Tips for Creating The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Machine. Click here to get it.

For this example, I’ll use the people who might be interested in this report:

• The owner of a larger business.
• A marketing manager for a larger business.
• The person doing the social-media work for a business.
• A solo entrepreneur.
• A freelancer.

Next, we need marketing hooks we can use. What is a hook, you ask? It’s a message that catches a person’s attention so they want to find out more about your product.

What kind of hooks may catch the attention of my avatars?

How about:

• Are your Facebook marketing efforts profitable?
• Attract a steady flow of new customers to your business.
• Build a predictable Facebook marketing machine that brings you consistent results.
• Are you missing any of these in your Facebook marketing plan? Download and evaluate your Facebook marketing efforts.
• Are you getting a good ROI on your Facebook marketing?

Once you have filled out the avatars and the hooks, there are now the boxes in the middle of the grid that you’ll fill in with different marketing messages.

The owner of the company is going to have a different interest in evaluating the company’s social-media efforts as opposed to the person doing the work, or the freelancer who is doing everything themselves.

It does take some time to fill all of these boxes in, but it’s work done ahead of time. It sets you up to succeed faster; if one message isn’t working you have other ones ready to go.

The second tab I have on the spreadsheet is set up for your results. You take the results you got from the different ads after letting them run for five days, and then fill in the squares in the appropriate box on the grid.

This gives you an easy way to compare the performance of the different avatars and hooks and lets you see which you need to stop or adjust as well as which ones to expand your spending on.

Taking the time to set up the ad grid will lead you to profits faster than throwing up a few ideas and starting to run an ad.

Real profits are made on Facebook when you use a complete system. Running an ad, making a few sales, and moving on feels good, but if you want to grow your company, you need to be constantly growing and improving your results. When you use a system, this happens.

Have a great week!