Invest For Success: Part 2

Invest for Success: Part 2

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If you’re using online marketing to promote your business and you’re stuck, or can’t seem to grow, you may need to look at what tools you’re using. 

I wrote about accelerating your Facebook marketing results a couple weeks ago and what it takes to get started with your online marketing efforts. 

In the article, I listed tools that you’re going to need when you’re getting started with online marketing either for your physical location business or for an entirely online business. 

Once you have these tools in place and you are seeing success with your online efforts, there will come a time when you outgrow them. 

This happens in all businesses as they grow and evolve.  

I know as the business owner, this is frustrating. You’ve spent time and money establishing a system and now it’s out the window, and it’s on to a new system with new challenges. 

However, when you make the investment and move to more powerful tools, you’re going to see your results improve. 

Now, some of these tools have a higher cost, but with the additional cost comes more options that you’re going to need to keep growing. 

We’ve found that every time we upgrade our tools our business grows. 

One of the first tools we upgraded was Dropbox. A file sharing program. 

Dropbox has a free plan and when I was first starting out I used the free plan. The challenge was the storage limit was low. I didn’t want any expenses so I used Dropbox until it was full, and then used Google Drive for other files, and then Onedrive until I hit their limit.  

I had information spread out all over the web and it was confusing for me and for my staff. 

For $99 a year I now have a terabyte of storage on Dropbox, and now all of our files are in one place. This is much easier for me and my staff. 

One of my recent upgrades was to Infusionsoft. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a CRM that handles email automation and much more. 

I had started my business using Aweber and it worked well for a long time, but I was outgrowing it. 

The challenge was that I knew how to use Aweber and I knew that Infusionsoft had a steep learning curve, and it was certainly more expensive. For what Infusionsoft does it’s a good value, but the monthly fee was still a leap. 

This change has resulted in growth for my business. 

I had to learn how to make the best use of Infusionsoft for me, and that made me think differently about how I operated my business.  

Implementing what I wanted to use from Infusionsoft has added to our sales consistently and has put us back on a fast growth path. 

The cost of the new services and software can add up, and then you have the cost of implementing it. 

You have your time and your staff’s time as all of you learn and tweak what you’ve done to make the results better. Many times the cost of implementation is higher than the cost of the software. 

Move through this and make the investment. In the long run, you’ll have a business that runs smoother and grows faster than if you didn’t make the investment. 

Here is a list of the tools that we use, links to the sites, and a short description of the service and what we use it for. (We do get a small reimbursement if you buy anything from these links, at no cost to you.) 

  1. Dropbox  File storage and file sharing between our staff. Many times we’re using files that can’t be emailed. Dropbox makes it easy and it works without any issues. We’ve tried other similar services and we’ve determined this one to be the best. 
  2. Leadpages  This program lets you create website landing pages. You’ll find that as you market online you need to create various landing pages, and this software is easy to learn and fast. The cost of hiring someone to create one landing page for you can exceed what it costs for a year’s subscription. 
  3. Webinar Jam  If you want to create webinars or online web classes you need a program to do that. Webinar Jam is affordable and easy to use. With recent updates, you’ll be happy you purchased this program. 
  4. Kajabi  This is the easiest to use software for hosting your online training courses. It is stable and you can customize it to fit your brand’s style easily. It also has many other components that make it a powerful program, like email marketing and a landing page builder. 
  5. Infusionsoft  This program manages your email operations, it can also handle collecting money from your customers, and it will also keep all the information in one place. It’s a powerful program that will move your business to a new level once you implement it. 

This is our list of core items we use day in and day out, and they have enabled me to consistently grow Go Social Experts. 

I’m always on the lookout for new tools we can use to accelerate our growth. We still have a ways to go before we max out the capabilities of these programs, and I’m looking forward to the day that we do max them out. 

For an in-depth look at what an entire Facebook marketing system looks like, sign up for my FREE Masterclass on Facebook marketing: Go Social Experts Facebook Marketing Masterclass. This free class is a 5-day video course with a video each day, which goes into detail about the five steps for creating a profitable Facebook marketing machine. You’ll see where you use many of the tools I talked about above. 

Have a great day!