It Can Happen To Anyone

Blog Post 05.29.18

This morning when I checked my email I was greeted with this subject line: “Need a Blog Post to Edit”. It was from Brandon, my staff member who edits my posts and makes sure that everything is ready to go out on time.

You see, I made the commitment over 5 years ago that I would create at least one new article each week, and I’ve never missed a week in that 5 years.

One of the keys to success that I teach is consistency. You actually do what you tell people you’ll do. This can be a weekly email, daily Facebook posts, or . . .

Normally I have articles ready at least a week before he needs them, and I thought I had one ready for him but . . .

You see, I’ve been busy creating a course on Facebook marketing for GKIC that we sold at the SuperConference, The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Machine. If you would like more information about it, contact me using UFMM in the subject line.

It’s a lot of work to create an online course, so every spare moment I have, I’ve been working on the course, and I lost track of where I was at with my other writing.

My lack of attention leads me to lesson two.

You must have systems in your business for every task that is important to the successful operation of your business.

And my system worked.

I got the email message from Brandon on Saturday morning. That gave me 3 days to write an article before he needed it in order to get it scheduled.

It was a good thing I got the message, or I would have been writing and sending this article shortly afterward, and who knows what errors might have been in it.

I have two questions I would like you to consider so you can learn from my experience.

  1. When you make a commitment to your customers, clients or prospects are you committed to following through?
  2. What systems do you have in place to make sure that you honor all your commitments?

For an in-depth look at a complete Facebook marketing system looks like, sign up for my FREE Masterclass on Facebook marketing: Go Social Experts Facebook Marketing Masterclass. This Free class is a 5-day video course with a video each day, which goes into detail about each of the five steps for creating a profitable Facebook marketing machine.

Have a great day!