What Kenny Rogers Can Teach You About Building Your Facebook Audience  

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I recently attended one of Kenny’s concerts on his farewell tour, The Gambler’s Last Deal.

He is one of the artist’s I’ve never seen and always wanted to, so when the chance came I was ready to go.


It was a great experience. While his voice isn’t what it once was, he put on a great show.

This isn’t meant to be a critique of his show, but a lesson on what you can do with an audience you create.


Kenny hasn’t had a major hit in 10 years and really hasn’t had consistent hits on the radio in almost 20 years. Yet his concerts sell out and many people know his name.


And while social media came around long after Kenny was at the peak of his career a quick check on some social media sites shows that Kenny has a large following:


Facebook Fans: 2,618,680 

Twitter Follower: 61,300

Instagram Followers: 11,300 

YouTube  Subscribers: 4806 


He also has a large fan club which has continued to support him.


Imagine having an audience of people who like what you do and are connected to you. Not only do they buy your books, or shirts, listen to your music, and attend your concerts but they continue to do so long after the mainstream public has moved on to new and different artists.

If you’re working to create a business that lasts for years, you may want to work on creating an audience like this for yourself.


“But I’m not Kenny Rogers,” you say. And it’s true – if you’re entertaining them or providing them with valuable information they can number in the 10s of thousands or more.


Think of what it would mean to have an audience who is loyal to you and willing to read your emails, or watch your videos, and buy your products – and they continue to do so year after year.


This is possible for all of us. It may be at a different level than Kenny, but we can do it.


You can use similar strategies to Kenny.


Some of these strategies are:

  • Having a website that tells the world what you’re doing and where you’re going
  • Creating a club and asking for people’s emails and contact information (He even charges money to be a member of his fan club, and people happily pay it.)
  • Being present and active on Social Media
  • Creating new content regularly for your fans to enjoy


None of these are beyond what any of us can do.  In fact, if Kenny can move forward with social media (remember he’s 77 currently) why can’t you?


If you’re looking to start growing your audience (so you know who your fans and customers are and don’t have to “hope” that they come back) you can schedule a Complimentary Call with me. We’ll look at creating a custom Facebook Marketing Plan that will enable you to start growing your audience online. If at the end you want help implementing it, you can hire me to help you. If you want to go it alone, I’ll wish you good luck and only ask that you let me know your successes so I can celebrate with you! Click Here to schedule your call now.


Have a great week,


Your Kenny Rogers listening social media expert.


Yougottaknow when tohold’em, know when tofold’em, know when to walk away, know when to run. – Kenny Rogers