What KISS Can Teach You About Facebook

what kiss can teach you about facebook

You remember a little rock band from the 80s that wore some crazy leather outfits, painted their faces and constantly stuck their tongues out before Miley Cyrus made it “cool”? That’s right – I’m talking about KISS and I went to one of their concerts this summer.

It was my first time seeing KISS live. I knew most of their hit songs but hadn’t been a big fan.

My wife wanted to see them and we realized that they may not be touring for many more years so we took advantage of them being in our area.

They put on a great high energy show.

What I found interesting is that everyone wanted to hear their old songs.

But the thing is, they didn’t stop recording albums in the 80s. Their last one was in 2012 and there is even a rumor of a new KISS album in the works. But the songs that get the best crowd response at their shows are their old hits.

So what does this have to do with Facebook?

Well, it seems to me that if classic music is good when you hear it again, how about classic posts and ads you used in the past?

You spent time and effort creating them and they worked well.

People did what you asked from the ads and liked, clicked and shared the posts.

Why can’t you use them again?

If they worked the first time around, why wouldn’t they work the next time?

I don’t know that I would reuse the same post every week, but with tweaks every couple weeks or  monthly it could still work.

How do you get away with that you ask?

Well, you don’t use the exact same post that often. If you had a great picture and a quote that people really responded to, you can reuse it every few weeks. And you can take the quote and put it on other pictures.


You take the same picture that worked great and put another quote on it.

Using this strategy, you’ve got 4 posts to work with and you only had to create 2 posts, and you can reuse all of them.

What about an ad?

Well first of all, if an ad is performing why stop it? We’ve had successful Facebook ads run for up to a year with only minimal changes.

Many times as marketers and business owners we get tired of ads before our audience does.

And many times when a successful ad stops working as well to one audience, you can move it to a different audience and get good results there too.

If not, stop it for a couple months and then run it again.

Many times with a break an ad that had lost its luster comes back performing as good or better than the first time around.

There is easy money in the old content you’ve created.

Develop a system to track how different posts have performed and use the best-performing ones again and again.

It’s a formula that has kept KISS in their fans minds for decades.

Take it and use it in your business.

You do have to keep creating new ads and posts. After all, even KISS is still making new albums after 40 years.

However, don’t forget about your classics. Make sure to rotate them into your schedule.

By the way, KISS also uses Facebook.

They have a Facebook following of over 12,800,000 people. Pretty good for a group old guys.

I can’t imagine Gene Simons or Paul Stanley being the ones posting on Facebook. They likely have someone who manages it for them. If you’re interested in finding out what it looks like to have someone help you manage your Facebook page, or manage it for you,  let’s talk.

You can schedule a complimentary call with me to evaluate what you are doing now and get my recommendation of how to improve your results. When we’re done if you want help implementing the system we can get started. Click Here to schedule the call.

Remember KISS has a great rock band and a great Facebook presence. They don’t do both, they do what they do best and hire someone for the rest.

Have a great day!

Brian-Rocking and Rolling all night-Hahn