How Do You Know That Your Facebook Efforts Are Paying Off?

Facebook efforts

Let’s face it, getting started with any new skill is tough. And when you’re not sure of what you’re supposed to do to get results it’s even harder.

Many people ask me about their Facebook pages when we talk. They wonder if what’s happening with theirs is normal or if it’s worth the time.

They’re finding that the only people who are interacting with their page are people who they know. But isn’t Facebook supposed to be about reaching new people?

Well yes, it is but . . .

When you’re getting started with a Facebook page or becoming active again after some time away from Facebook, you’re going to find that the only people who are seeing your page are your personal connections – which many times are your family and friends.

This is OK and it’s normal.

Facebook shows your organic posts to people it thinks are most likely to want to see them. Which usually seems like a lot less people then we think it should be.

Basically, Facebook is looking for interaction. Are people responding by liking, sharing or commenting on your posts?

When they do, Facebook shows them more of your posts and so on.

There are three stages that all Facebook pages go through as they are getting started or if they’re restarting after an absence.

When you don’t use Facebook regularly, Facebook assumes that you aren’t active anymore.  Which means when you come back you need to prove to Facebook that you’re still interesting to your followers.

You will find that you will get traction faster if you had a page in the past. It’s like riding a bike. You can go decades without getting on a bike at all but when you do finally climb back on, you’ll pick it back up pretty quickly.

So what are the stages that Facebook pages go through?

Stage one is creating the page and then inviting all your personal Facebook connections to like the page.

All you have to do is click a button and Facebook sends them all an invite. Great, right?.

Next Facebook will let you upload your email contacts and invite them to like your page.

Neither of these cost any money to do, and your connections will get a personal invitation to like your page.

If your connections are interested in what you’re doing, they will like your page and you’re off. The better your relationship with them,  the more of them that will like your page.

The reality is, many of these people will be family and friends.

And you may be thinking, so what? They already know about what I do and it doesn’t matter to them.

However, they have friends and their friends have friends, etc. Like the old adage says, we’re only separated by 7 degrees from everyone on the planet – including your ideal customer.

Stage Two is seeing people you know of but only at a distance engaging on your page.

Your family and friends have shared a post and one of their friends saw it.

Or it’s your distant cousin you only see once every year or two saw something you posted and they shared it.

Stage Three is seeing people engaging on your page that you don’t know.

It’s a great feeling when you see a like, comment or share and you don’t know the person.

You’re making progress.

At first, it doesn’t seem like they’re many. But as you keep posting and interacting you’ll see more and more of them.

How do you keep the growth going?

Simple – Keep posting great information to your audience.

As you develop your relationship with them you’re going to find your audience growing.

This won’t be the only focus of your page, but as you use this audience to test your message and see how they respond, you’ll get customers and sales. Basically, you’ll be growing a base of people you can reach out to at any time.

This group of people can become devoted Facebook fans as well as some of your most loyal customers.

Growing your tribe of people on Facebook shouldn’t be your primary goal of using Facebook, but it should be a secondary goal. Over time you’ll find that everything you do on Facebook will get better results when you have a larger base to work from.

The good news is, this can all happen organically, without any paid Facebook work. Just understand that it will take time.

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If you want to speed this process up add in some paid Facebook work.

Any time you’re running Facebook ads, Facebook encourages everyone who sees the ad to like your page.

Every like you get is an endorsement of your page to all the liker’s friends. It is a very powerful word of mouth tool.

Have a great day!


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