A Little More Faith, a Little Less Fear

Blog Post 01.16.18

Let me guess, this is what’s happening. . .

You get excited about a new idea or project and you get started with it. You schedule a time to work on it, you develop a plan and you get started and then . . .

It’s time to start investing some money, either by adding staff to the project, spending some money to buy postage, hiring someone to help put together an online marketing funnel, or by hiring a designer who makes everything look good and . . .

This is the critical time, and what you do next determines the success of the project.

Do you move forward and make the investment, making sure the project continues on pace, or do you let fear stop you?

This subject was actually brought up to me last week at church by our Pastor.

I have modified his message in order to apply it to marketing, as well as your life.

If you’re like me you have many ideas to grow your business. A new idea is always one email, Facebook ad, or event attendance away. You open, read, click or listen and the idea that might change your business is there.

This happens to me at least once a week.

Now, most weeks I don’t actually follow through with these ideas, but every now and then one is so powerful that I move forward with it.

Getting started is easy, at least for me, but it starts to get hard when I must take time away from other projects, when I have to start spending cash, or when I start having one of my staff help me on it.

This is where I have to decide if I’m committed.

Do I invest the $800 to join the association that is going to give me access to all of its members, so I can try out my new idea?

Am I confident enough in my plans to invest the money?

Do I run the Facebook ads to an audience at $50 a day to find out if what I’m considering is really going to work?

Am I committed to the 2nd week of ads at $50 a day testing a different message, or do I pull the plug?

Am I willing to redesign the campaign that I was previously confident in, or do I stop?

Am I willing to hire the person that can help me succeed, even though it’s $2,000?

I can’t tell you what’s right for you; I don’t even know the right answer for me every time . . .

But I can tell you that the times my business has moved forward the fastest is the times that I have taken action and moved it forward.

Not every action has worked on the first attempt, but what I learned moved me to the next step and from there I was able to move forward.

So even if I didn’t get the results I wanted, I did learn and get results that moved me forward.

This year when you’re at the decision point “Do I move forward or not”, make sure to think twice and make sure it’s not fear that’s stopping you.

Don’t let fear hold you in place.

Evaluate your plans, will taking this step move you closer to your goals, and if the answer is “Yes”, take the step in faith, knowing that you’re taking action to reach your goals.

If starting or improving the results of your Facebook marketing is in your plans for this year and you’re wondering what to do and how to do it, schedule a complimentary Facebook strategy session with me. Click Here to schedule your 30-minute call. I’ll ask some questions, we’ll develop a plan, and if it makes sense for both of us we can move forward from there.

Have a great day!