Little Things That Matter Part IV

Over the past few posts, I’ve been talking about little things you can do that set you up for success.

They are the little details that may move someone from I’ve never heard of you to a customer to a super LOYAL customer who buys from you often.

To download a cheat sheet with all ten listed, Click Here.

We’re going to talk about these in this article in more depth:

  • What is the description on your page, be it your Facebook page or your website?
  • Is your messaging consistent from your Social Media pages to your website?
  • Do you have your phone number and address where they are easy to find?
  • Do you have your tracking pixels on the pages?

The Description on your page:

What’s the importance of this you ask? After all, this area only gets a little bit of traffic on my website or on my Facebook page.

The key thing to remember with this is, when someone is going deep on investigating you, they’re interested in your products and services.

This is a buying signal, or at the least a signal that they want more information.

And anyone who wants more information is a good candidate to become a customer.

This makes this area one of the most important on your website and social media pages. After all, you’re not spending the time and money on these pages unless it’s to generate leads and sales.

One thing you want to make sure that your readers find, is who you help and how do you help them. A great format for this message is  ___________ enables __________ to experience__________________________________________________________

The first blank is your business name or product name and the second blank is the customer or person you help and the longer blank is what do they experience from working with you.

Is your messaging consistent from your Social Media pages to your website?

Now that you’ve got your messaging down, is it consistent?

You see many times when someone is serious about talking with you or buying from you, they investigate you before they even make contact with you.

I know I do, and I’ve seen studies that show the majority of people investigate someone online before they talk to them or make any connection.

What you want people to find when they’re checking you out is a consistent message from every place they find you, be it your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or any one of many other platforms.

Over time as you use a consistent message you’ll find that this happens naturally, but at first, you may have to check out all of your profiles.

And going forward, know what message you want others to see when they research you.

Do you have your phone number and address where they are easy to find?

And are they consistent across all of your different online locations? And I’m going to expand on this and ask if your name is the same on all of the different platforms?

This is to prevent confusion from your readers, but also it will help you get better SEO results from Google.

Even in 2019, Google looks at your NAP (name, address and phone number) and its consistency across the web to grade your website and see how relevant it is.

When dealing with Google, any variation, no matter how small, will make Google think you have different information, and they will downgrade your listing.

And for your readers who want to call you or come to your place of business, you want them to be able to find the information easily.

Make sure that your phone number and address is on your home page, as well as in the contact us area, on your website and that it’s filled out on your Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media profiles.

This only takes a few minutes and can bring you results for years.

You’ll also find if you do a search on your business that you’re listed on directory sites. The information on these sites are found by most of the sites from information on the web, and it may not be accurate.

If you want a tool that will help you get these sites under control and make them a tool to grow your business – not cost you business – reach out to me at

Do you have your tracking pixels on the pages?

This is your Facebook pixel as well as your Google retargeting pixel if you’re using Google.

These are small pieces of code that you get from your accounts on Facebook and Google.

These pieces of code cost nothing to get or to use and once you install them you’re collecting data from the visitors to your site. And until you want to use it, there is no cost!

It’s happened to me and my clients that we didn’t set these up right away and then we go to use them or look back at the data and it’s not there.

Once the pixels are on your site, you can look back and see who was on your site, but only as far back as there was a pixel on your site.

Another valuable component of the pixels is that when you’re running Facebook ads you can use the pixel to tell Facebook exactly the kind of people you want and who are responding to your ads.

Many times this lowers the cost of the results of your ad. As Facebook collects the data it gets better and better at finding the type of people who you want.

To get your Facebook pixel you need to go to your Facebook Ads Manager and open the menu at the top left and chose the pixel option and follow the instructions from there.

I find that it’s much easier to have my web people put the pixel on my site for me. It is a one-time thing and only takes a few minutes for them.

Final Thoughts:

The “Little Things” we’ve been talking about are sometimes the critical difference between a profitable online campaign and a campaign that does nothing except withdraw money from your bank account.

Download my checklist and asses your website and your social media pages as well as any sales pages you’re using. Click here to download.

The nice thing about most of these “Little Things” is that many of them are a one and done activity. Get them fixed and you’re good to go.

An hour of focused work will complete the majority of these and then you’ll have confidence knowing that your online presence is helping you grow and not costing you customers.

Take action on what you’ve learned, that is the secret to success.


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