How To Make Sales From Facebook

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Imagine for a minute it’s one year from today. And you have a Facebook Marketing Machine that brings in a steady flow of new customers or prospects to your business. How amazing would that be?

Now back to reality – You’ve heard the success others are having using Facebook to grow their business. But every time you give it a try nothing seems to work. You’ve spent time, sweat, tears, and money to no avail. So far your results are a big fat zero.

There is a proven process that you can use to successfully market your business on Facebook. The fastest and easiest way is to seek out someone who has mastered what you want to do and then study their process. Then do it yourself without changing, tweaking, or adjusting anything.

We at Go Social Experts are revealing a road map to success. We’ve spent years working with Facebook advertising and have put together a powerful machine that gets results. Best of all, it works with all manner of businesses. We know this because we have used it in our own businesses and in over 150 other businesses. We call our machine Go Social Experts Success System For Facebook.

One of it’s most powerful characteristics is that it doesn’t need large amounts of time. Once it’s set up and working you’ll see results on a consistent day-by-day, week-by-week basis.

So how we define Facebook marketing success? Basically, success occurs when your ad campaign brings in enough sales that the cost of the ad is paid for – before the bill comes due.

For example, when using Facebook ads, the charges are billed to a credit card. Facebook doesn’t bill our cards until we reach our credit limit on Facebook or at the end of the month. After that, we have around twenty days to pay the bills. A successful ad has generated enough sales by the time we have to pay the bill to cover the cost of the ad.

You’ll likely go through some trial and error, but if you’re following a successful system your efforts will pay off. You’ll need to test and adjusted your efforts to see a profit. But many of our clients reach this level of success in just a few months’ time.

The ability to find your ideal audience is what makes Facebook marketing special.

One of the key components of our Success System is the ability to target people most likely to buy from you.

You can have the best product in the world. You can have your marketing down pat. And you can still not sell anything if you’re talking to the wrong people. The opposite is also true. You can have a mediocre product and a mediocre message. But if you’re talking to the perfect audience, you can great results. It all comes down to who you’re talking to.

The advantage to using Facebook is it gives you the ability to find a large audience that’s interested in your product or service. This means you can keep using the same message and product over a longer period of time. It’s not uncommon to be able to identify audiences of 500,000 to 1,000,000 people in small niches. And for larger niches, you may find many millions.

Although there may be only a few people in your immediate area who want your product or service, the massive number of people who use Facebook regularly allow you to reach large numbers affordably.

The challenge with Facebook is filtering all the prospects. There are currently over 1.6 billion people using Facebook. The reality is, you can’t afford to profitably market to every one of them.

In other words, finding your ideal prospects on Facebook takes a bit of research. However, Facebook provides you with the tools to do this research—for FREE.

If you’re starting from scratch, start with Google.

If you have no audience or presence of your own to start with, you might want to spend a little bit of time on Google before you move on to Facebook.

You’re looking for are your target audience’s items of interest. Are there celebrities that your audiences follow? Are there magazines or books that they tend to read? Are there events they often attend? Brands they like? Products they use?

You’re looking for any piece of insight you can take and do more investigating into.

Step 1 of finding your ideal audience: Use the Facebook Search tool

Use the Facebook Search tool to start with some basic research. If you have a page set up and an audience, you can search Facebook for pages liked by people who like your page. This will start your list of pages to explore.

After you’ve searched your page, do a similar search on a competitor’s page to see what their fans like. This is giving you insight into places you can visit to find more prospects.

Filter the list of pages you get and find the pages you consider relevant to your topic.

Here’s what I do: I create a spreadsheet and create a column for these pages. At this stage, I’m just making a list and finding as many pages or interests I can that I think are relevant.

Step 2 of finding your ideal audience: Check out the Insights tool

Check out the Insights tool on your Facebook page. This gives you insight into where the people in your audience are and what they’re interested in.

Some other information you’ll get is further pages to watch. Facebook will suggest these to you based on what it determines your page to be about. This information will come in handy in Step 3.

There are many more pieces of information stored in the insights tool in your Facebook page. Make sure to look around and see what you’ve been missing!

Step 3 of finding your ideal audience: Audience Insight tool

This free tool from Facebook provides you with a wealth of information. Facebook developed this tool so that companies could find out about their audiences and improve their targeting.

This tool is available in the ads manager and is underused by most marketers. Spending an hour or two using this tool will provide you with insights that used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to discover.

The amount of information available with this tool is incredible. You can find out in-depth information about your current clients or a custom audience you’ve created. You can understand more about people who have contacted you but not purchased. And dig up information on your Facebook connections and prospects.

Next, you can compare your current customers to your Facebook fans and email list. You should be able to determine the common attributes of your customers and how you can find more of them.

Keep in mind that to access this info, your audience has to be large enough for Facebook to work with. You’ll need over 1,000 active monthly users to access to Facebook’s Audience Insight tool. The larger your audience is, the more analysis you can get from Facebook.

If your audience isn’t big enough to get your exact customers’ information, don’t worry. You can still find out about people interested in your competition. You can then take this information and use it as a starting point for targeting your ads.

This is where you use the list of other Facebook pages to watch that you created in Step 2.

Not every page is available when you are targeting by interest. But if you have been adding to the list I mentioned in Step 1, you should have 20–50 possibilities to work with.

The other option is to find groups of people who have an interest in your products but aren’t in your audiences. You will get in-depth insights into these by using the Audience Insights tool.

Combine what you find out about your competitors’ audiences with your topics of interest. Then develop possible audiences to target from there.

Wrapping it up.

Spending the time and effort to get your audiences set up can pay dividends for months or even years. These are the starting points for all your marketing on Facebook. If executed well, these strategies will allow you to find profitable success on Facebook. On the other hand, if done poorly, you’ll be one of the people who hear of others’ successes with Facebook and wonder how they did it.

This is a one part of our Success System. Companies that are profitable by using Facebook Advertising use a system to get results.

I have created a free report that reveals to you all the steps in Go Social Experts Success System For Facebook. We’ve used this system in many different industries with great success.

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Have a great day!