Make Your Customer Feel Better About Themselves

Make your customer feel better about themselves

We’ve been talking about how to reach your customers at a deeper and deeper level.

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We’ve talked about what your customers are going to have, how they are going to feel, how their average day is going to change and now we’re going to talk about how doing business with you will change their status.

Now I know what you’re thinking. How can working with ______________ or shopping __________ change my customers status. You fill in the blanks.

Well for some of you, it’s easy. If you own a car dealership, or a jewelry store, or a spa or luxury brand of any kind it’s easy to see how you can change your customers status.

But how about those of you in more mundane industries: Locksmith, grocer, RV repair, Car repair, plumber, electrician, social media marketing or one of the hundreds of other types of businesses?

First I want you to think deeper than the have part of your products and services. We talked about that in an earlier article. I want you to think about what your product or service does for your customers.

Let’s go to our example. The Advanced Done With You Facebook Coaching Program.

How is this going to change your Customer’s status?

First, we have to consider what do business owners want?

Most of them want more sales and profits. After all, without sales and profits a business soon goes out of business, but with sales and profits you can pay your staff more, you can expand your business, you can offer new and expanded services, you can help people in your community, you can …

And they want sales and profits easily. They would like to see money flowing in without having to make major changes to their business, and they don’t want to work more hours. After all, you do need to sleep sometime.

Now, most realize that they have to make some changes to see radical changes in their results, but they want to understand the change and what is required.

Many also want to be recognized as successful in their community. This can be in their local community as well as in their professional community.

Imagine what it feels like when you’re reviewing your sales numbers for the year and you’ve exceeded your budget. The sales have been flowing in and you know that it’s come from the campaigns you’ve set up using Facebook.

And better yet your bottom line numbers are looking great too. The extra cost for the marketing was more than offset by the increased sales, and the margins on the sales were good.

With numbers like this now you can add that staff person to take a little bit off your plate.

And with the extra time, you can work on your marketing. After working with Go Social Experts you are comfortable creating another Facebook funnel for another product so you can see another leap in sales.

Your suppliers will start to ask you what you’re doing. Not many others in your industry are seeing the kind of sales increases you will and they’ll want to know why.

When you were talking to your friend in the same industry you mentioned how well sales were going when they asked what you were doing differently, they were amazed at the answer.

Now your trade association wants you to speak at their next event. And since the event you’re going to speak at is in Orlando you’re going to take the entire family and stay a few extra days and enjoy Disney. After all, they deserve it after supporting you through all the years you were struggling to grow your business. Now you can show them why you were putting this much effort into your business.

And your Pastor just called and wants to talk. You know that he’s going to ask you about supporting the new addition to the church that is being planned.

Well, it’s nice to know that you can be a leading contributor to the cause. After all, you were married there and your children baptized. You have many memories there and you’re happy to be able to support the growth.

Yes, life is great and it’s even better knowing that as good as your success has been, that you can step it up to a new level every year.

How did all this happen? Oh yeah, it was the investment you made last year in Go Social Experts Advanced Done With You Coaching Program.

Not only did you get your Facebook funnel set up in the coaching program, but you know how to recreate it, and with a bit of time and some effort and testing you can set up more and more funnels all leading to increased sales and profits.

In fact, as your sales and profits continue to grow you may even reach out to Brian at Go Social Experts and see what is involved with the Done For You Facebook Marketing Program. Afterall, there are more and more opportunities and you’re running out of time to take advantage of them.

Who knows… maybe next year you’ll take the family to Europe or sailing in the Caribbean?

Can you imagine how your prospects react reading a message like this or hearing it in a video?

It is much more powerful than saying that you’re going to have a complete Facebook funnel up and running and bringing you sales and profits and you’re going to know how to replicate it.

What will your business be like with a message like this?

Take the time to look at what you sell and develop a message for each level of transformation. This exercise will help you with your messaging in all types of media.

Have a great day!


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