Is there a marketing ninja move that will solve your Facebook Marketing Problems?

Is there a marketing ninja move that will solve your Facebook Marketing Problems?

Let’s face it – We all want the cool trick that can move our Facebook ads from it’s going OK . . . to Oh my gosh, I can’t handle the business.  People come to me regularly and want to know what kind of ninja Facebook trick will make their Facebook marketing work.

There are many essentials to setting up the basics of a Facebook campaign, and I’ve written about them in many other posts, but the most important item needed isn’t a ninja Facebook trick.

What is it you ask??

It’s getting your message right.

We’ve had this happen to us here at Go Social Experts. When we are offering a new product, we’re excited about what we developed and how much it can do for our clients and students.

We put it into a test and get poor results. We adjust it and try again – and again.

Finding out what your audience wants to know about and how they respond is all part of creating a great campaign.

We put ourselves in our customer’s shoes and ask  . . .

If I could just___________?

One thing we keep in mind is . . .

Your customer doesn’t care about your services or products. What they want to know is what results are they going to get.

You are in their way of having everything they want. You are a road block.

Your message needs to convey what they can have and how their life is going to be better with your product.

How is your customer’s life going to be better by buying from you? 

  • Are they going to have more money? 
  • Less stress? 
  • Are they going to have more status than they do now? 
  • Is their life going to be easier?

4 steps to writing facebook ads that work

Now the real challenge is how to uncover this information. You may think you know, but if you aren’t getting a response you are missing something.

We have a system for testing your message and we can do it in 2 days and by spending $25. This will tell us if your message is great, just OK, or a flop.

Depending on which it is we will run with it, tweak it or trash it and start over.

So what happens if you’re out of ideas and you still haven’t gotten the results you wanted?

You’ve tested and tried everything you can think of. The next step is asking your audience. This can be an email or a question on social media.

Develop 5 or 6 questions that will give you the information you need to develop your message.

go-social-expertsQuestions like:

What causes you the most frustration in regards to _________ ?

  • What part of ______ keeps you up late at night__________?
  • If you could have anything you wanted in regards to _________ what would it be?
  • In your wildest dreams, what would you ask for in terms of ____________?

After you get this feedback you can make another try at creating your message.

Once you get a message that works for your audience then you can expand your advertising efforts and start getting results.

Until you get your message dialed in you’ll spend your time and money trying to make the different techniques work and not see the results your business is capable of.

I tell people I’m talking to that no matter how good my skills are at setting up the technology for your Facebook campaign if you don’t have the right message we’re not going to get the best results possible.

Take the time to get your message right and all your marketing will be easier.

Need help figuring out that message (and just how this whole thing works)? Download our FREE Guide 11 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Facebook Marketing Machine by clicking HERE. 

Have a great week!