Motorcycles and Money Signs (A case study)

Motorcycles and Money Signs

I want to tell you about Mike, his story will inspire you.

Mike has two retail stores in the Tacoma Washington area that sell motorcycle gear to riders. They are the premier destination for motorcycle gear, accessories and a true riders shopping experience.

Mike is progressive in his marketing. He was one of the first people into Facebook marketing and he’s put this experience to good use.

First here is what Mike does.

He works hard at creating different audiences to talk to. He has over 32000 likes on his two Facebook pages. This gives him an audience who like to hear from him and they do respond well to fun posts as well as his ads. It’s amazing seeing the likes, comments, and shares he gets even on an ad which many times increased his organic reach.

Next, he works to add people from his Facebook likes to his email list. This gives him another way to connect, and the ones who are willing to share their contact information are more engaged with his stores and are customers who spend more money with him. If they don’t spend as much at first as they are on his email list longer they become higher spending customers.

To grow his email list, he offers people not on his mailing list a coupon for a discount in his store. They go to a web page to sign up and then the coupon is emailed to them. The new subscriber currently has 14 days to use the coupon.

Mike tracks how many coupons come in and most months the amount spent from this one strategy more than covers the cost of all his Facebook campaigns.

Next Mike targets these audiences when he has events at the store. An event can be reps from manufacturers coming in, coffee and donuts on Saturday mornings, rides starting or ending at the stores, new products coming in or special sales.

Having the list of people to talk to amps up the success he has with all of these events, and you notice that many of them don’t involve price discounts.

However, Mike doesn’t stop with this work. He wants more sales and knows there are many other tools that he can use.

Next Mike finds new people who may not know about his store by advertising great articles that his ideal customers are interested in. One of his most popular is The Top 20 Must-See Motorcycle Rides In the US. You can click on the title to see the article if you’re interested.

People who go to this post are most likely to be motorcycle riders so using the Facebook pixel we show ads for his stores to people who go to this article. We do limit the ads to people living in the area of his stores. This gives us a steady stream of new customers.

One last strategy that we use that we’ve just started using for him is separating out what items people are looking at on his website and sending them an offer for one of those items. If someone is looking at helmets we have an offer for helmets, if men’s jackets they get an offer for men’s jackets, ladies boots they get an offer for ladies boots.

We are able to only offer this to people who haven’t bought yet, so if someone buys an item they won’t see the offers.

All in all, this adds up to a powerful Facebook marketing system. Mike has worked on it for years and he gets great results.

What kind of results?

Well, Mike is a good business man and measures everything he can. Not everything can be measured, and month after month he sees a positive ROI on what he spends on Facebook for marketing.

Some months he only doubles his money other months, he gets a return of 4 or five times his spend all depending on what events he has going on, and sometimes the time of year.

Let’s face it when it is marginally above freezing it’s not as much fun to ride a motorcycle. While some do, many don’t or at least not as often.

With some planning and execution, you can set up a system like this for your retail store.

It isn’t complicated once it’s set up and it’s not expensive to implement.

If you want to learn what it takes to develop the type of system Mike has, let’s chat. In our free 30-minute call together I will evaluate where you are now with Facebook marketing and outline what you need to put into place to get better results. No pressure. No obligation. Just great info. Click Here to schedule YOUR call.