Never Make A Decision When . . .

Never Make a Decision When

Have you noticed that there are two times when it’s dangerous to make a decision about your business or anything else?

When you decide something important at either of these times you often find that it’s not the best decision.

The first time is late at night. Your energy is low; you may feel tired, and not ready to take on a challenge.

This happens to all of us. We have been working all day and maybe had some fun too, and then a challenge comes up. We want to get it taken care of right now, but . . .

What I’ve found is that when I’m worn down in this situation, every challenge seems to look insurmountable.

Now I’m generally a positive person, but after hours of handling challenges, even a question like “What do you want for supper” can seem like too much, let alone a business question that takes some thought.

The next worst time of the day to make a decision is early in the morning.

Yes, you read that right.

First thing in the morning you’re fresh and full of energy, and ready to take on the world!

The same issue that looked overwhelming the night before is handled easily in just a few minutes and then you’re on to the next challenge.

You think: “Send me more, I’m ready.”

What’s the problem with this? After all, you’re feeling good and getting things done.

Well when you’re this energized, how is your judgement?

Everything looks easy. You may find that you overcommit your time or money in this situation.

And then a few weeks later you’re looking at the decision you’ve made and you wonder “what you were thinking”.

As you can see there is a balance to making decisions, and you do need to make them.

You’ll find your life get easier once you do make a decision.

However, I’m going to recommend that you take a couple days before you make any long-term decisions.

I got this advice years ago from a wise person and I’ve followed it most of the time.

Remember, nothing is as bad as it looks late at night and nothing is as easy as it looks first thing in the morning.

When I remember this, my decisions and actions flow. When I ignore it, I find myself stressed out.

Keep this in mind when you’re making decisions about anything in your life and you’ll find that you have more confidence and trust in your decisions.

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Have a great day!