Old School Marketing

Recently I was invited to speak at a Peer Advisory Group about using social media in your company’s marketing.

A Peer Advisory Group is a mastermind group made up of business owners and top management.

We did a version of a “hot seat” taking one person’s business and focusing on that and developing a plan for it and I pointed out what I thought would work best for this person’s company, and by the way, it wasn’t a plan involving Facebook or Instagram.

What I recommended was a twist on traditional advertising.

This was because of the size of the audience he was trying to reach.

There are maybe 2000 of his ideal clients in the country, and that’s not enough to be able to use Facebook and Instagram to reach effectively.

We had a good conversation and when we were done, I was asked where my office was.

I replied I worked out of my home. My company is virtual so all of us work from where we are – sometimes that’s a home, sometimes or a coffee shop and sometimes that’s a van or camper.

Then one of the participants said, “You live on Lake Wissota, correct?”

He had seen my truck which has my company name on it parked by my house.

I put my company name on it shortly after I started my company and since then many people have asked me about my company when I’m driving it. One night we were offered a free night’s stay if I would help with some Facebook work.

It’s amazing how many conversations I have about my company and what I do because of the lettering on my truck.

Now I’m not going to recommend that you skip digital marketing because old school traditional marketing can replace it.

In 2020, it can’t.

But old school marketing can supplement your digital marketing.

The cost to letter my truck was under $200 several years ago.

The cost of the ideas we talked about for the person in the hot seat was minimal, but it will take some of his time.

Any traditional marketing combined with an online presence will get better results than not having an online presence.

Look at what you’re doing and think, how can I take what I’m already doing and blend it with online marketing? Or how can I take the digital marketing I’m doing and use it online?

Combine these areas and watch the results from all your marketing improve.

Have a great day!


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