How One Comment Changed My Entire Way of Thinking

One Comment Changed My Entire Way of Thinking

I’m willing to bet that when you think of using Facebook for marketing you are thinking of it as a strategy.

I mean… that’s what all of us marketing experts beat into everyone’s heads, right? You have to be cunning and smart. You have to anticipate your customer’s needs and be two steps ahead of them so you can get the sale.

But I’m wondering if thinking of Facebook as a strategy isn’t what creates so many challenges for businesses.

We sometimes spend days trying to develop new strategies for Facebook, when they might not need to.

Someone said something like this a few weeks ago, and it’s been on my mind ever since.

At first, I thought, of course, Facebook is a strategy! But after a bit of consideration, I’ve changed my opinion.

Facebook is a media.

Why do I say that?

Facebook is a great tool to use to reach your audience wherever they are. However, radio, TV, and newspapers all do that too.

But there are significant differences between the traditional media I mentioned above and Facebook. For example, your audience can respond to your ads and posts on Facebook and they can easily share your information with their friends and family.

But really, why does it matter if Facebook is a media or a Strategy?

When you look at Facebook as a strategy you must figure out how you’re going to use it and develop a plan that you can implement. There’s a lot of brainpower that has to go into that.

When you look at Facebook as a media you can look at what you’ve done in other media (either online or offline) that people responded to and then apply that to Facebook.

You do need to make adaptations for the differences between Facebook and traditional media, but the overall strategy can stay the same.

This gives you a great place to start and can be much less overwhelming for a beginner.

Facebook is a powerful media that gives you the chance to find your ideal audience and reach them wherever they are on the device they happen to be using.  It doesn’t matter if they’re waiting for their kids at the bus stop or standing in line at the grocery store, if they have a device in their hand (and who doesn’t nowadays) you can talk to them. You don’t have to hope they pick up the newspaper or have time to sit down at home and watch television.

Along with being able to reach people wherever they are you can also show them videos, audio, pictures or just plain old text all on one platform.

You can’t do that on any of the traditional media.

Taking a strategy you know works and adapting it to Facebook can give you fast results.

If you need help with adapting your current strategies to Facebook – we can help!

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We’ll talk about what you want to do and then see what you’ve been doing that worked. Then we’ll adapt it so you can start seeing results on Facebook.

Have a great week – and Happy New Year!