Is Organic Reach on Facebook Dead?

We know it’s true that Organic reach on Facebook is declining and some say it’s dead, but is it?

As more businesses and consumers use Facebook the newsfeed is filling up with the massive amounts of posts.

In years past marketers could count on getting a substantial amount of reach from any given post.

It was a huge bonus.

All you had to do was give people a reason to like your page and once they did they were added to your audience.  These people then saw nearly every update from you.

But not anymore.

Now it feels like any given post you’re lucky to have 10% of your audience see your post.

Or is that true?

I was recently reviewing one of our client’s pages and did the math in my head.  Their average post was reaching over 15% of their audience and some are reaching ½ to ¾ of their audience.

Oh… and this page has over 17,000 likes.

While it feels frustrating to not reach every person who liked your page, there is significant life in organic posting.

If you’re wondering what posts do the best here is what I noticed from my quick survey.

The high-performing posts are ones that our audience wants to hear about. They have a significant number of comments, likes, and shares.

They have colorful pictures and many of them are videos.

For this client, I have recommended using Facebook Live.

When others use Facebook Live they find that the reach on the live broadcast often exceeds the numbers of likes on their pages.

The client I’m talking about above is a business entity and there isn’t a single person associated with it.

So what if your business is based around you?

You’re the key spokesperson and the face of your company so your success depends on people relating to you.

You can follow a similar tactic.

You share information, but you also need to be a “real” person.

People need to feel like they know you, and you can do that with your Facebook page.

Doing this for a personal page means revealing more about yourself, and what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with.

To create a connection like this you also need to reveal what doesn’t work and mistakes you’ve made.

Revealing more about our lives and thoughts are harder for us introverted types.

I will admit that this is a bit of a struggle for me. I tend to be a private person and I don’t post as much on my business page about what I’m doing as I should.

My staff has encouraged me to do that and . . .

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All this presupposes that you have already created a Facebook page and you have an audience. If your Facebook page only has 100 likes this tactic will not work for you.

A few years ago I created a report “22 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Likes” If you would like to get that report Click Here.

There are many easy to implement ideas here.

Have a great week!


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