Organize Your Bookmarks and Save TIME!

If we want to get stuff done and not waste time looking for something we know we should have, what do we do?

After spending what seemed like days and months trying to figure this out, I came up with a system for organizing my bookmarks so I can find what I need easily and effortlessly.

I didn’t realize how widespread the problem of organizing our bookmarks so we can get back to frequently used pages quickly was until it finally hit me.

When I’m working with coaching clients the first session or two it might take 3 minutes to get to the Facebook ads manager for them. Once they bookmark the page they can get there in 3 seconds, and the rest of the sites we need are just as bad.

When you’re marketing online there are going to be webpages and tools you use that don’t have easy URLs. (For those not familiar with URL, it’s the words you type at the top of your web browser to get to the site you want to go to.)

You’ll have landing pages, Facebook ads and just the Facebook Ads Manager, and the sales pages and opt-in pages and thank you pages and . . .

. . . And that doesn’t even cover your email account or your calendar which you use every day.

You get the idea.

These are all pages with unique URLs and most of them are long and pretty complicated.

I created a short video that shows you how I organize my bookmarks so I can find pages for every client as well as the programs I use most and ones I don’t use often, but I can get to them when I want to.

Organize Your Bookmarks and Save TIME:

Have a great day!


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