Are You Recruiting Staff With Facebook?

Blog Post Image 12.12.17

I know, I know, I’m supposed to talk about using Facebook for marketing.

But . . .

The other day I was on the phone with a new client and he asked about using Facebook for recruiting staff.

He was already short a staff person, another one quit, and now he is low on staff to the point where he is working long hours in his business to make sure everything keeps running smoothly.

As in most industries, finding good people who actually help grow your business is getting harder and harder.

My new client is in a high touch business where his customers expect to have humans to interact with, no self-service cash registers here.

We have used Facebook for recruiting people in my businesses, but I haven’t talked about it before.

We use it here at Go Social Experts when we’re looking for new staff, and we also use it in our Dairy Queen restaurants.

At Go Social Experts, we have it easy. People want to work for us; we had 200 applicants apply in just one week for a single opening as an account manager.

In the Dairy Queen restaurants which is a quick service food restaurant, it feels like we’re always recruiting people, and Facebook is one of the tools we use.

The key is to approach recruiting staff with the same mindset that you have when you’re looking for new customers.

After all, everyone has many job opportunities. Not like in years past when it was much harder to find a job.

What do you offer that other businesses in your industry don’t?

This doesn’t have to be more money, and it’s better if it isn’t money.

You do need to pay competitive wages just to stay in the game, but what else do you offer?

If you can’t come up with anything, that might be part of your problem with staffing.

After all, even though you can reach people with your job posting, if you don’t have a good message or offer for them, they aren’t going to respond.

One of the benefits we offer at Go Social Experts is the fact that you can work from anywhere. All you need is your computer and an internet connection.

All of our staff works remotely even if we live in the same town, and we stay connected by using messaging apps and phone calls.

Once you have crafted your message you have a few options on Facebook.

Option #1:

You can create a traditional Facebook post with your details and boost it to the audience you think will be most likely to respond.

Option #2:

You can create an ad and send people to a landing page which gives them more information, just like if you were developing a sales campaign.

Option #3:

You can create a video ad with you inviting people to apply, and telling them why your company is different.

Option #4:

Facebook has created a jobs tab for your Facebook page where you can post job openings and then promote them.

Facebook Publish Job Post Screen Capture

This is more like a jobs board. Facebook has given you the layout and format that they’ve found to be successful.

The job posting is easy to fill out and Facebook will make sure your opening gets noticed, especially if you devote a budget to promoting your job posting.

If you’re successful selling on Facebook, you should give recruiting on Facebook a try.

After all, any source of good employees is valuable and if you’ve taken the time to learn how to use Facebook for marketing, you might as well utilize these skills for finding new employees.

If you want me to help you create a recruitment campaign for your business, schedule a time to talk with me, and I’ll see if we can help you find your next superstar employee. Go to to schedule your FREE 30-minute call.

Have a great day!