Remember, You’re Talking With Real People

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I’ve seen it far too often, a business owner and I will be talking and he or she will expect instant, predictable results from their marketing.

They desire a guarantee that if we do A, doing more of A will make ‘it’ better. They want to know – will our ROI stay the same as we increase our spending?

The answer is: sometimes. I know that’s frustrating to hear. I’m frustrated to have to say it.

The challenge is, we’re talking about people.

Many times marketers, writers, or business owners forget that we’re talking about real people when we’re making marketing plans and analyzing the numbers.

We look at the audiences as lists of emails, Facebook likes, Facebook interests, readers, etc. We know how big our email list is, how many likes we have on Facebook – so how many people can we reach with our ads?

What we often miss is that there are real people behind all of these numbers.

A name on an email list is a real person. A Facebook fan is a real person and an audience of interests on Facebook is a group of real people.

When we try and predict what they are going to do, that’s all we’re doing – predicting. We can have the best data, put our best efforts forward, and still not get the results we expect.

Sometimes our results are better than expected; sometimes they aren’t what we planned for.

Because one group of people responded a certain way, you can’t assume that another is going to respond the same way.

This brings me to a discovery I made many years ago myself, and it’s what stops many people from going into business or pursuing other dreams:

You can make all the best predictions, create great plans, gather the best people, but the only way to know if they work is to implement them. 

Many times the implementation costs time and money. You have to pay to find out if it works. Depending on the scale of the project, it may be a few dollars to millions of dollars. Until you’re willing to get out your checkbook and go all in, you’ll never know if your idea will work.

The same is true for Facebook marketing. You can make great plans with engaging web pages, content, and ads but until you actually run the ads, you won’t see any results.

So here is my advice: Take the time to put together the best plan you can, hire the best people you can afford to implement your plans, and get going.

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Remember, every name on your list, every Facebook like, every reader of your blog is a real person. Treat them as such and watch your results change.

Have a great week!