Results Come from Implementation, Not from Information

Has this ever happened to you?

I just got back from an event.

It was my first time at a bootcamp that No BS Inner Circle puts on.

I’ve been in their advanced training programs for years. I’ve implemented what they teach for my business and I help my clients implement many of the same strategies in their businesses too. So I thought I had a good handle on what they were going to teach.

And do you know what?

I have several pages of notes, a list of resources, and five action items I’m going to be putting into place in the next few weeks.

What happened?

After all, this was supposed to be an introduction/beginner level teaching. How did I get this list from the bootcamp?


There is new information available now.

The instructors have had time to learn and test new strategies and adapt what was working to what’s working now.

When your consumers change you need to change your tactics just to keep up, and with the speed of change today, it happens sooner rather than later. This may be the subject for another article sometime soon.


Some of the resources that I have didn’t exist or weren’t affordable in the past. As you know there is a new tool that comes available every week and I don’t take the time to explore as many as I did in the past.

And there are new uses for old tools. New thoughts on how to use Blog posts and videos etc.


I had forgotten some of what I learned, or maybe never really learned it the first time.

Let’s face it, when you’re going through something for the first time there is a lot of information coming at you. It doesn’t matter if it’s what appears to be a simple subject or you know it’s more complicated, there is a lot of information.

And there are multiple layers.

I was looking at the teachings now from a different perspective from the first time I had been through it.

Back then every sentence I heard was a new idea and an hour in, I was overwhelmed.

Now, much of what the presenter said was familiar to me, but I heard different things.

My mind skipped over the basic items, and I heard the next level of information.

And I was evaluating how I was using what the presenter was saying and testing myself to see if that was as good as I could do.

Many times, my answer was no, I wasn’t using it as well as I could. My results while good weren’t outstanding.

That is where my five action items came from.

I have a letter I send out that needs to be redone, I have a video to make to send out with my email, I now know how to complete a to-do item that has been hanging over my head for three months and I have the tools to get it done in a few hours of work, instead of multiple days.

It’s amazing when you look at what you have to do with different eyes and old tools that have been brought back to your attention.

This happens because there is so much new stuff coming out and my mind is constantly looking for what’s new vs how can I implement what I already have. And truthfully sometimes I forget what I already have.

There are stacks of books on my shelves, programs on my computer, and notes in my journals that I haven’t gone back to for months and sometimes years.

When I take the time to review them, I always get something new from them.

I guess maybe instead of buying the next new book or program, maybe I need to review what I have.

What I am happy about is that I only have five action items.

In the past, I would have created a list of fifty items and then gotten home did one or two and forgotten the rest.

With a shorter list that is already in my project planner, I will have them done in weeks. And as we know, results come from implementation, not from information.

Have a great day!


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