Retargeting People Based on What They Did


Last week you may recall we talked about retargeting and why it was the difference between your website being an expense or an income generator.

If you missed that article click here to read it first.

I promised that in this article, I’d tell you how to reach out to people based on what they did. Is your visitor a new prospect or an existing customer? Are they a newbie or an experienced pro?


You can talk to them about exactly what they were looking at on a page.

This means that if you’re selling shoes. You can talk to the person on the page about the exact pair of shoes they looked at.

You can even choose to target people based on how many times they visited the page and how long they stayed on the page. These are some advanced strategies.

So what does this ability mean for you?

As I said in last week’s article, retargeting is the single most profitable tool you can use when marketing online.

These advanced tools let you take retargeting and refine it’s use.

While the basic retargeting is powerful, these tools amp up your results to another level.

You can talk to the people most interested in what you’re talking about on your web page based on how many times someone visited or by how long they spent on the page.

After all, if someone spends 10 minutes investigating the pair of shoes that are on the page you are tracking, aren’t they more interested then the person who was on the page for 30 seconds?

With this knowledge, you can design your follow up messages in more detail.

You can ignore the people who spent little or no time on your site and save money while spending the extra effort on those most likely to buy and – oh yes –  you can track who bought and exclude them from seeing any more ads.

This will make your visitor feel like you’re talking to them and not just everyone.

You do have to be careful not to freak out your website visitors with too good of tracking and knowledge of what they’ve done.

After all, people don’t want to be aware of how much of their online activities can be monitored.

When you design a customer value path for everyone who visits your site, and connect with them around exactly what they’re interested, in you’re going to find your sales growing effortlessly.

increase salesYou’ll have a consistent up arrow in your sales and others will wonder what you’re doing.

After all, most businesses aren’t willing to put the time and effort into designing an entire system to follow up with people who have visited their site.

It is work and takes some thought to design the plan and the messages you send out to get the best results.

As Henry Ford said, “Thinking is hard work and that is why so few people do it.”

Next week I have one more article about retargeting. There is one more way that you can reach out to people who interact with you. We’ve been having great success with this too.

Take what you’ve been learning and get started. It costs nothing to get a pixel from Facebook and to install it on your site.

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