The Secret to Making Your Marketing Pay for Itself

Let me guess, this is what’s happening. . . 

You are spending money on marketing and you’re not seeing the results that you expect. 

You put together good offers and create great campaigns, but you don’t know if they are making a difference. 

You are getting some results but it doesn’t feel like enough for all the time, energy, and money you’ve invested to make everything happen. 

There is something I want to point out to you. 

When you’re marketing, you’re putting money into two accounts. 

First, you’re making sales right now (your present account). 

People are responding to your message and buying now, or soon after they see your message. 

This is great and what we all strive for. 

Done well, you’ll break even or better on your marketing. 

What you also need to design into your marketing is a process for increasing your future business. 

I call this your “future account”. 

What do I mean by that? 

Many of the people who saw your ad may not need your product or service right now. 

Or, they may not have noticed your ad. 

Or, they may not have had time to respond when they saw it and now they’ve forgotten all about you. 

Or. . . 

What plans do you have to reach out to the same people a second, third, and fourth time? 

When you do, will your audience be looking forward to hearing from you? 

As you’re designing your marketing, taking this into consideration can make the difference between marketing that pays for itself and marketing that is just pouring money down the drain. 

How can you make sure you reach your audience multiple times, with the messages that they want to see? 

One example of how you can do this is by using a Facebook video ad. 

Once you create a video you can then use an ad to show it to your target audience. 

You will get some responses from the ad which is what you want, and in addition, you’ll also be able to reach back out to everyone who watched part or all of the video. 

If a person takes time to watch a significant part of even a short video, they are interested in what the video is about. 

You then create a new ad with a new message (it can be another video or a standard ad) and you send it to all the previous viewers. 

By using this strategy, you’re reaching out to them again and again, and when the time is right and they need your product you’ll be there to make the sale. 

So again, when you’re designing your marketing, make sure that you are depositing into both present and future accounts. Doing this will help ensure that you are getting the most out of your marketing dollars!

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