The Secret To Making Money With Online Advertising

the secret to making money using online advertising


If you want to use digital marketing PROFITABLY in your business then this may be the most important article you’ll read all year. The secret to making money with online advertising is to use retargeting on your website, any sales pages you use, and any web page you have control of.

So the number one question I get is – What is retargeting?

It is the ability to track a person who goes to your website and then talk to them again.

Think of it like this…

Someone comes to one of your web pages and you stick a piece of gum on their shoe. No matter where they go, they bring you with them but they don’t notice that you’re there.

They can come to your website on their phone and then see an ad of yours on their tablet or PC.

You can track them across any device.

The other way to look at retargeting is to think of it like this…

You’re driving down the highway and see a billboard for a company.

Then a few minutes later on the radio, you hear an ad for the same company.

When you get home you check your mail and there is a postcard from the same company.

And then as you’re watching the evening news you see a TV ad for the same company.

What do you think? Are you likely to notice all of these ads for the same business in a short time frame?

With retargeting on Facebook you can accomplish the same thing.

No matter how a person with a Facebook account gets to your website you add your pixel to their Facebook account and you show them ads on Facebook.

These people can come to your website from an organic search, a paid google ad, from a Facebook ad, or from seeing your website on your vehicle or any other place you’re advertising your web address.

So why is this important?

It helps you to use online media to create a relationship with people interested in your products and services as well as maintain a relationship with people who have already bought from you.

In the next few weeks my articles will go into how to do this but for now, I want to continue talking about why to do this.

In my experience, it’s rare that someone buys from me when they first meet me or see me in person (though a few do).

They want to get to know me find out what I do and then find out if they like me and if I’m trustworthy. Basically, will I do what I say?

All of this trust develops over several encounters.

They get to know me, find out I do know what I’m talking about and do what I say I will.

In the past with online marketing, you had to get someone’s email to follow up with them. Then you had to develop this level of relationship. But if they didn’t opt-in and just hand over their information to you – you were out of luck.

This is no longer the case. You can develop an entire path for your website visitors, that you send over time to them, using only retargeting.

In other words, you can take someone from this is my first visit to here is my credit card PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY – all without getting their contact information before you get the order.

Not that you shouldn’t try and get their email address too, and no you’re not bothering them if you email them with good information. Good information is MORE than just specials and deals.

Using retargeting means that you control how often people see you.

They don’t have to remember to come back to your website. You can reach out to them when you want.

You can develop a relationship with them and when THEY decide it’s time to BUY – YOU will be the FIRST one they think of.

Imagine what having this set up on your website can do for your business…

  • It can bring your website from being an expense to being an income generator.
  • You have the power to decide what you sell and when you sell it and how much you sell of an item.
  • You don’t have to rely on email alone to move the sales needle.

To use this powerful tool takes some setup. We’ve created this video to show you how. Just click HERE!

If you would like help setting up this entire process, you can schedule a complimentary consultation call by clicking HERE. We’ll discuss the details of what you want to accomplish and agree on a price to get it done. You can have this system up and running in short order.

Have a great day!