Should I Scale My Facebook Ads?

What does it mean to “scale” your Facebook ads?

Scaling your Facebook Ads means you start spending more on your ads to get bigger and better results.

You’ve tested it and its working. You’re achieving the cost per result you want and may even be beating it. You have a winner.

When I say a winner, you’re getting leads or creating sales and they are paying for your Facebook ads in less than 30 days or in a time frame you’re happy with.

So… how far can you go and what do you do?

Let’s start with some basic information.

First how big is your audience?

After all, if you’re working in a local market and there art 150,000 people in the market, that’s all there is.

If you’re working on a national level you have 100s of millions in the US alone.

The size budget you can scale to is determined by the size of your audience.

Now, just because you have a limited audience doesn’t mean you can’t grow a substantial business. If you can develop an audience of 10,000 people who follow you and are willing to spend money with you, that’s enough to grow a significant business.

What you do have to realize though, is that the smaller the audience the less you can spend and you will have to change your offer more often.

What do I mean by that?

If you have a budget of $100 a day and an audience of 100,000 you’ll be able to run ads for about a month before you start seeing ad fatigue, give or take a few days.

If you have an audience of 1,000,000 and a budget of $100 per day you can run the ad for months before you start to see ad fatigue.

You have to change out your ads more often when you have a smaller audience and you’ll have to create new offers sooner.

Second-How good is your ROI?

As you spend more money your Return on your ad spend is going to drop. There’s nothing you can do about that.

If you’re spending $100 a day and generating $400 in sales a day and you increase your ad spend to $1000 a day over a few weeks, in most cases your ROI will drop to 2.5 or 3 to 1 instead of 4 to 1.

That’s fine if your numbers are working. After all, instead of generating $300, you’re generating $1500 to $2000 per day extra.

However, if your cost of goods is high that may not work.

You must know what you can afford to spend and how low can you let your ROI go?

It all goes back to knowing your money math. See THIS earlier article if you missed it.

How much business can you handle?

This sounds silly, but when you have a winning ad and system in place you can outgrow your ability to handle the business.

For those who have never had a fast-growing company, this sounds ridiculous.

But if you can’t deliver your product or service in a timely manner or at times even take orders fast enough, you can destroy your business by fast growth.

This kind of growth doesn’t happen right away usually, but when it kicks in, you and your team can quickly become overwhelmed.

This is a good problem, but it’s still a challenge.

The nice thing with Facebook is that you have control over the speed of growth and you can turn it up and down when needed.

Your willingness to change and grow.

Do you like doing all the doing in your business?

Are you happy with a small staff providing excellent service to select clients?

If you are then limiting your growth is a good thing.

This would have sounded silly to me even five years ago, but you don’t have to grow a huge business.

As long as you’re living how you want and enjoying yourself you don’t have to grow fast.

After all, many times growing means hiring more people which means you need more systems and you’re going to have to change what you do and what others do and maybe even how things get done.

It’s a change.

The skills to run a million dollar a year business are significantly different than the ones needed to run a 100K a year business, and the skills for running a 10 million dollar a year business is significantly different than the million dollar a year business.

Many times we make these choices by not choosing and instead just letting things happen and then we aren’t happy and we don’t know why.

Growth is great as long as you chose it by a conscious action not by letting life happen.

Final Thoughts

While growth will require changes from you it can be an exciting time.

I’ve been through it several times and each time it brings stress and reward.

If the adventure excites you go for it.

Take that winning Facebook ad and see how far it can take you.

And while you’re riding the winning ad, test and find your next winning ad. None of them last forever and if you want to keep growing you want to be ready.

Have a great day!


P.S. If you have a winning ad and you want help in scaling it and creating more without having to do it yourself, consider working with Go Social Experts. You can sign up for a meeting at We’re looking forward to helping you scale your business.