Do You Have Space For Anything New?

Blog Post 01.09.18

Over the holidays, my wife took a look at my office and decided that it was getting a bit too cluttered.

I work from home so my office is just down the hall and around the corner from the rest of the house.

I had noticed the clutter over the past few months, but as I had been busy with several projects, I didn’t take the time to do anything about it.

She came in one day and we sorted the stack of paper sitting on top of my file cabinet waiting to be filed and then moved to other areas of my office.

I had notebooks filled with notes from events I had attended, books from mastermind meetings, old programs I had gotten as bonuses from other products I had purchased, books that I had read and books to read, and full journals from the past few years stacked up on a shelf.

My bookshelves were overflowing, and I had no space for anything new.

When we started organizing and I was sorting through these notes and information, I was amazed at what I had accumulated.

I was torn as I looked at the stack of notebooks from the past events. Could I get rid of them?

What if I needed the information? You know, the only time you need something is right after you throw it out, right?

Well, I took the plunge and we filled most of our weekly recycling bin with these items.

I did sort through and kept what I still use regularly, but that was less than ¼ of all the items on my bookshelves.

Once we were done and I looked around my office I was amazed.

There was space on my shelves and I felt freed from the demands of the old information.

I hadn’t realized that all the materials that I thought I needed to do something with were actually holding me hostage.

Not only were my shelves full, but my mind was full too. I had no room for anything new in my life.

That was a problem. I am growing my business and reaching out to new groups of people in different ways, so I need to have space to grow.

One of the new groups of people I’m looking to work with is grocery store owners. If you know of any, have them check out our product at

How about you?

Do you have old information and stuff piled high that is holding you hostage?

Are you free to implement new ideas? Or are you trapped by all the old ideas?

Here is a question I was asked many years ago by a mentor: “Do you have five years’ experience, or have you experienced one year five times?”

It gave me something to think about, especially when I’m planning my next year.

What am I going to do differently to enable me to reach my goals for the year?

If I only do what I did last year, I will live the past year over and I’ll probably get the same results.

I am grateful to my wife for encouraging me to clean out and organize my office.

It has started me out on the right foot for the year, and I’m looking forward to a successful year.

What about you?

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Have a great day!