Talk to People Who Have Already Expressed Interest In You

expressed interest

Can you imagine being able to identify and talk to anyone who interacts with you on Facebook as a group again and again?

After all, how many of us, when we are the visitor, are willing to share our information with someone we just meet, let alone buy anything from them.

In the past, we had to hope that the person who interreacted or came to our page came back again. We didn’t have any control over the process.

Now with the tools that Facebook has given us, we can accelerate the process.

We are in control of how soon we reach out to people who interact with us.

We can reach out at will to people who have expressed interest in what we do, even when they don’t leave any information.

Think of the possibilities!

A person who likes, comments or shares one of your posts can be put into an audience and you can reach out to them over and over.

You can accelerate how fast they move down your sales path.

And it doesn’t matter if the post they were interacting with was a paid ad or an organic post. (See, your organic posts do have value.)

A person may have visited your page but didn’t decide to like it for whatever reason.

Or they may have messaged you…

Or they may have clicked on a call to action button you set up…

Or they may have saved your page or a post…

Oh, so many choices and if you’ve been active on Facebook for any length of time, oh so many people to talk to!

In addition to these options, you can also reach back out to people who interacted with you in a lead ad or went to a canvas you created.

Both are a little more work to set up, but you can reach out to people who have responded to one of these campaigns too.

Once someone has taken an action on your page you can add them to an audience and use that audience to target an ad.

What I want to make clear is that Facebook has given you a variety of tools to reach out to people who have expressed interest in your page, even if they don’t like your page yet.

Basically, Facebook wants you to be successful!

How are you going to use these tools?

Are you going to develop a strategy and start taking action, or are you going to file away the information and leave it to sit?

If you’re ready to take action and start creating sales from your Facebook audience, you might want to consider hiring someone to help you get set up.

You can do it yourself, and after months of learning and testing and money spent running ads and revising and doing it over again, you will start to see results.

Or you can save yourself the time, money and hassle of learning everything yourself and hire someone to help you.

At Go Social Experts, we will either train you or your staff to profitably create Facebook campaigns or you can hire us to do everything for you. Your choice.

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