The Battle of Good vs. Evil

The Battle of Good vs. Evil

Am I talking about Star Wars or your business? Now, what am I talking about when I say Good VS Evil?

This is the fifth segment talking about how your business transforms your customer’s life. If you missed the overview you can read it by clicking here.

When you’re communicating at this level you’re talking at a deep level. You’re deeper than most others will go, and you’re connecting in ways that most others won’t.

When you’re talking at this level you’re talking to people about how your product or service will change their entire life.

What is your prospect’s life like now and how will it be once they purchase your product or service?

We’ve been talking about The Advanced Done With You Facebook Coaching Program so here is how I would communicate this when I’m talking at this level.

Remember we’re talking to business owners who have a business with a physical location and aren’t advertising digitally or are using digital marketing in limited ways.

These business owners hear about successes others are having with digital marketing, but they haven’t been able to see how they can use it themselves.

After all, it takes time to get everything set up and then you or one of your staff has to continue working with it.

The time it takes to set up and maintain just isn’t available in most business owner’s busy lives.

After all, there is staff to deal with, scheduling issues, ordering and customer service challenges, and now we’re asking them to add marketing into the mix?

Come on.

Their internal thought process goes something like this:

Can’t I just buy some pens and give them away, or put an ad in the paper, or a magazine, or on the radio or TV and call it good?

And why can’t I just hire someone to do everything for me? After all isn’t that what other companies do?

Well yes, you can hire someone to do everything for you, and sometimes that works. But if you want results faster, you need to know that the person you hire is doing the right thing.

After all, there are many strategies and tactics a person could use. So how can you be sure the person you hire is tuned into exactly what YOU and YOUR BUSINESS need?

I was running with my brother in law the other day and he asked me how could a YouTube video with millions of views bring you money. My answer was it can’t unless you have a plan to monetize it and the effectiveness of that plan will determine how much you make.

When you hire someone that gets you clicks, likes, shares, views etc. you are building an audience, but you can’t take any of this to the bank.

As long as there is a strategy to use those people’s interaction it’s fine, however, with no plan you’re wasting your money.

Now with the Advanced Done With You Facebook Coaching Program you’re going to create marketing systems that bring you leads and sales along with the vanity metrics like shares, views, and likes.

You’ll create a complete Facebook Marketing system and know how to make changes to it and duplicate it. And what’s better, you’ll understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.

This gives you a different insight into many areas of your business.

You’ll know why you might want to spend a bit more time developing some assets that you can use over and over again and why other activities you might want to reduce the amount of time spent.

You’re going to be confident speaking with sales reps and advertising agency’s when they approach you, or when you approach them.

Many of these people can help you, but the help they can give you is limited to what you provide them.

While advertising and marketing are powerful they can only take you as far as you’re ready to go.

You’re going to know why you don’t want to do marketing like you’ve always done it and what you want to change.

Completing the Advanced Done With You Facebook Coaching Program will transform you from an advertising victim to an advertising victor.

Not only will you see your audience grow but you’ll see your sales increase… and you’ll know why.

In addition, you’ll be able to help your staff become leading-edge marketing people.

After all, when you help your staff improve their skills you’ll find that they’re having more fun and you’re getting the results you need to grow your company.

Who doesn’t like to work for a leading-edge company that is growing and thriving?

As you can see the Advanced Done With You Facebook Coaching Program can take you from wondering how to get your business growth on track to putting you in control of your future. You’ll be able to turn up your sales or turn them down when you need to.

This gives you complete control over your future.

As you can see communicating at this level is powerful. We’ve taken the Facebook coaching program and equated it with control of your own future.

As you work at this level more and more it get’s easier to continue communicating like this.

The key to a great marketing system is communicating at the appropriate level at the appropriate time, and when you participate in the Advanced Done With You Facebook Coaching Session we work through all of this.

Have a great day!


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