The Biggest Problem Facing Business Owners Today And What You Can Do About It . . .

Blog Post 7.17.18

If you want to finally develop a system that brings you a steady stream of new customers on autopilot, brings your existing customers back to you more often, and has your existing customers sending referrals to you, then this is the most important article you’ve read all year.

As you’re aware, there are more and more media options available to you now than ever before, which enable you to easily reach your customers.

Back in the olden days before the turn of the century (that feels funny to write), there were only a few advertising media: print, radio, and TV. Now with the explosion of the internet, you have all the traditional media as well as Google AdWords, email, and a plethora of social media including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn just to name a few.

How’s a business owner to decide which to use? If you ask 10 different people you get 10 different answers and many times they’re only an opinion and not based on fact. Many people will give you possibilities for your business, but you have to decide where to invest your time and money, taking into account which strategy will get you the best results.

Where do you start?

My answer for you is it depends on a couple of factors.

1st who are you trying to reach? Do you have your customer avatar firmly in your mind? In one of my earlier articles, I wrote about this click here to read it.

2nd is what message are you communicating?

  • Why should someone do business with you?
  • How well are you communicating this message to your avatar?

Every media you choose to use has two parts.

First is the technical part. How do you set it up and use it? This ranges from calling a sales rep to place an ad, to hiring a consultant or advertising agency to implement your marketing strategy, to you figuring out how to use the online media platform of your choice and doing everything yourself. Doing it yourself costs less cash up front but takes more of your time and money while you’re learning.

After you have the connections to get the ads in place, next is the most important step. What do you want to tell your avatar?

Why should someone do business with you over any other choice they have, including doing nothing?

And by the way, the last option doing nothing is a valid option for many businesses.

When I’m talking to a successful business owner, they don’t have to add Facebook ads to their business; after all, they’re doing fine without them.

It’s my job to communicate to them why Facebook ads will help them reach their goals faster, and that I’m the one to implement the ads for them.

What you tell your prospects and how it moves them to buy from you is the most important piece of advertising right after identifying who your best prospects are (no it’s not everyone).

So what does it take to develop a message that moves people to do business with you?

There are many parts to this message, but I’ve found that the foundation for developing this message is being able to articulate the ultimate benefit of doing business with you. What difference do you make in your prospects’ lives?

How is your prospects life going to be different for choosing to do business with you?

Here are five areas for you to consider when you’re creating this message. You need to consider what a prospect has now vs. what are they going to have when they do business with you.

  1. What is your customer going to HAVE when they do business with you? What does your product have or provide the customer that they don’t have now?
  2. What does your customer FEEL now and how will they FEEL after they purchase your product or service? This is a deeper level then Have and moves people differently.
  3. How is your customers’ AVERAGE DAY going to change? After all, if your product doesn’t make a difference in your customers’ day in some way, why should they buy from you?
  4. Is your customers STATUS going to change? If so how and why? This is a deeper level. After all, how can hiring a Facebook marketing company change your status, or shopping from a different grocery store change your status?
  5. GOOD VS EVIL, this sounds like you’re going to change the world, and who knows you may. Another way of saying this is: what is the ultimate benefit your customer is going to have from doing business with you?

There is much more to say about each of these points. Over the next five articles, there will be more detail about each point and how you can apply it.

As you move farther down the list, the message you use is reaching your prospect at a deeper and deeper level.

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Have a great day!