The Power Of Thank You

the power of thank you

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to observe the power of a Thank You.

I’ve long been in the practice of expressing gratitude towards people regularly. After all, growing up working in the retail industry thanking your customers becomes routine.

However, when I moved into Social Media Marketing I had to take thanking my clients and referral partners to a new level.

After all, just saying thank you to a client becomes routine for you and them. A lot of times we barely notice or acknowledge it when we hear it at the end of a transaction or read it at the bottom of an email.

This isn’t to say you skip the thank you because if you do that you’re on your way to being out of business.

Rather, the real question here is: how can you step it up?

There were two different instances recently where I’ve observed the power of thanking people in different ways.

The first involved my daughter Sydney.

Sydney is a huge Blake Shelton fan and Blake was performing at Country Jam here in Eau Claire.

When we go to these events we usually buy 3-day tickets and go every day. This time we couldn’t go all three days so we thought we were going to skip it, but when Syd saw Blake on the schedule she wanted to go.

We had connections with a vendor at Country Jam and they provided tickets for my wife and I to take Sydney to Jam for the day.

We all appreciated this and my wife and daughter put together a thank you card with pictures of Sydney at Jam and sent it in the mail to the vendor.

The week after he got the card the vendor made a point of stopping to see us and thanking us for the card. He had never gotten anything like this before. We made an impact on him with a simple card.

The second thank you event that I had an opportunity to participate in happened in an unexpected source.

As many of you know, we help grocery stores with Facebook marketing.

One of the companies I work with is a smaller grocery wholesaler. Now smaller is relative, in many other industries they would be considered a large company.

However, they are competing for customers and for the attention of vendors and service providers with many companies much larger and with more resources.

Their answer to this is to treat their vendors as partners and customers.

One of the events they hold is a golf outing. They provide all the golf, food, beverages, entertainment and prizes as a thank you.

The owner of the company is present and active at the event.

This was my first event but many of the people I talked to had been at several events and they spoke highly of the experience.

When this company calls one of their vendors, what kind of response do you think they get?

Obviously, I don’t know first hand, but I suspect it’s a very warm response. People like to help people who appreciate them. And they have one of the best relationships with vendors that I’ve seen in the industry.

These are just two of the many ways that you can use the power of thank you in your business. It doesn’t have to cost much too make an impact, like my daughter’s card for example, or you can spend thousands of dollars in grand gestures like my grocery client did. It’s not the amount of money you spend as much as it’s the message.

How do you use Thank You in your business in different ways? How do you take gratitude up a notch in your business?

Have a great day!


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