The Question I’m Asked Most Often


In the past week, I’ve gotten an email, talked with another member of a mastermind group and had a coaching phone call with a person looking for help with Facebook ads. 

The questions weren’t worded exactly the same, but the results they all wanted were the same. Each one wanted customers now and they wanted someone else to get the potential customers for them. 

All three had good ideas and had taken steps to implement the ideas. They had offers, landing pages and email follow up series in place. 

What each one didn’t have was customers. 

All of us have been in the place of having no customers at one time or another. 

It’s frustrating; I get it, you don’t want to be there. 

The issue is that these three, along with many others I talk to, want to hire someone to figure out how to sell their product or service. They don’t know how to use Facebook themselves or aren’t willing to invest the time needed to get started. 

Again, I get it, when you’re the business owner there is always a lot to do.  The to-do list keeps growing. 

Making sales in the most important part of your business.  

No sales, soon you have no company. 

Here’s the hard part. Until you’ve sold something, you’re just guessing at what message will move your market to buy and just guessing at who your market is. 

It takes time and effort to get this dialed in and working (MONEY when hiring this out to someone else). 

 I don’t know about you, but I want to know how to sell my products and services before I hire someone to do it for me. Otherwise, my entire company is in the hands of someone else. When they leave and move on to something else, I’m in trouble. 

Not a good place to be. 

When you’re just getting your business started, paid Facebook ads is the wrong place to start.  When you don’t have an audience who knows you and don’t have an offer that works, there are many components to test and each test costs money. 

The fastest way to get your message dialed in is to Sell Your Product or Service in person, face to face. 

You’ll find out in a couple of minutes IF your message is clear message or not and IF the message moves the person to action. Then, you can make adjustments and do it again. 

Repeat this process until you’re selling your product. At that point, take this message and use it on Facebook or other online media. 

When most people hear this suggestion, they never do it because they don’t like the idea of selling face to face. 

My next suggestion is to go to Facebook.  Find out what groups your ideal customers belong to and join those groups. Be active in the group, be helpful.  Those interactions will soon provide you with opportunities to talk to people who might become your customer. 

When your online marketing system is set up and ready, try being a guest on other podcasts. At the end of the podcast, you will have an opportunity to make an offer to the listeners. Offer a Free gift and you’ll grow your prospect list and without investing any money. 

Next option is use social media. This works best when you have a personal audience on the platform you want to use. They might not have heard of your business, but they know you. 

There are many successful businesses who got their first clients from their contacts. This is more common than you might think. This gives you a chance to make a few sales with a friendly audience and then you have case studies or proof you can use for others. 

The above suggestions take time, but very little money. 

When you’re disciplined about implementing the strategy, the time needed isn’t a lot and you should be seeing results in 4 to 6 weeks. 

Once you are making sales and know what offer and pricing works, then it’s time to bring Facebook marketing into your business. 

Paid Facebook ads are a powerful tool when used in the right situation, they can make a significant difference in your business, but they’re not the starting point. 

When your business is selling products/services and you want to add Facebook and online marketing to your business, reach out to me and schedule a meeting. 

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Have a great day! 


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